Identifying Your Customers' Expectations

Course Objectives:

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Customers have expectations of all the companies with which they transact business. These expectations may be predominantly unspoken but they have a strong influence on how your company, its employees, products, and services are perceived.

Learn what characteristics customers want to see demonstrated, what external influences generate customers' expectations- how your company's ability to fulfill expectations at various levels impacts on customer satisfaction. Too often, the service that customers receive is based more on the needs of the company than the wants of the customer. Customer interface technologies are usually introduced to save on costs, and keep prices competitive. Companies believe that low prices are what customers value above all else, and they think that the additional efficiency of the automated systems will be appreciated. However, when asked, customers frequently say they would be willing to pay more to be given the opportunity to deal with real people."

The only way to discover what's important to customers is to ask them, and this course shows you how to do just that. Learn how to extract the qualitative customer feedback that enables you and your team to focus on delivering the kind of service that delights. Even if you don't have responsibility for undertaking customer surveys, knowledge of the various research methods and the principles behind them will help you to give informed input when asked for your opinions. If your role dictates that you need to maintain awareness of ever-changing customer requirements, then knowing how to conduct focus groups, and use the most effective questioning techniques will be invaluable to you.

Practice interpreting customer responses, and extracting from them the attributes of your service that impact most on customer satisfaction. Customer feedback is essential- there is no substitute for asking customers to tell you what they want--your company's ability to satisfy their expectations depends on it."