7 Ways Planning Improves Social Impact and Sustainability

Course Objectives:

The planning process is an essential tool for guiding organizational performance, identifying the resources you’ll need and keeping you on track. It addresses funders most basic questions:

*Whom do you serve? *How do you serve them? *What resources do you need? *How will you reliably raise financial and in-kind resources? *How will you measure performance and incorporate feedback for continuous improvement?

In this session you will learn how this tool lays the foundation for successful fundraising efforts.


Developing clarity: How does your broad mission statement play out in the day-to-day fulfillment of programs and services? Evaluating and analyzing your organization, your competition and the marketplace: What are you good at? Where do you need to improve? What should you eliminate or add? Prioritization: You’ll know what should be improved expanded or eliminated and in what order you will accomplish this. Aligning resources: What human resources and infrastructure will you need? When will you need it? How much will this cost? Developing reliable and growing revenue streams: With the economy still gyrating, how can you ensure that you have the funding to meet your nonprofit’s goals? Managing firmly and leading smartly: A supportive board and strong management are the basis of a thriving nonprofit. Examining management style, organizational capability and performance measurements are vital indicators in charting a path for the future. Measuring performance: How will you measure impact? How will you incorporate for continuous improvement?