Steps in a Digital Preservation Workflow

Course Objectives:

This presentation will outline generic considerations and processes for building and managing a digital preservation workflow. We will consider the workflow within the larger context of a digital content life cycle, which runs from information creation through to ongoing discovery and access. We will focus upon generalized steps institutions can use to acquire, preserve and serve content. The presentation will describe distinct workflow stages in conjunction with sample procedures, policies, tools and services, stressing the dynamic nature of workflows over time, including the use of modular components and ongoing work to enhance automation and cope with issues of scale.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn about the life cycle approach to digital stewardship and how that concept relates to conceptualizing a workflow for the purposes of institutional preservation and access. The presentation will identify model workflow stages, generalized procedures and policies, and commonly used tools and services. It will also include a discussion of various preservation options, including localized repositories and cloud services.

Librarians and archivists involved with preservation of digital materials.