Legal Resources for Librarians

American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) -Guidelines from the US Access Board

Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
E-rate Requirements
ALA Resources
CIPA Frequently Asked Questions - Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction [PDF, 165 KB]
CIPA Cheat Sheet - Maine State Library [PDF, 39 KB]

Copyright Genie
ACRL Code of Best Practices for Fair Use
US.Copyright Law - Text See specifically: 17USC 108 Exclusive rights: Reproduction by libraries and archives
Online Copyright Infringement (Wikipedia reference) See specifically 17USC 512

Labor Laws
Maine Compensation Laws (overtime, exempt vs salaried, etc.)
Maine Labor Law Frequently Asked Questions
Employee or Volunteer - from the Non Profit Risk Management Center

Maine Laws
Maine Charitable Solicitations Act
Maine Library Sales Tax Exemption - subsection 50
Maine Theft of Library Materials - subsection (1)(C)

Non Profit Corporations

Maine Non Profit Corporations Website
Maine Non Profit Corporation Act - Text
Guide for Board Members of Charitable Corporations- Maine State Attorney General

Patriot Act
USA Patriot Act - ALA resources
ALA Guidelines USA Patriot Act, 2002 [PDF, 21KB]
Service Dogs
Maine Courts Administrative Guide
ADA Guidance
ADA Frequently Asked Questions
ALA Resources [PDF, 72 KB]