Legal Resources for Librarians

American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) -Guidelines from the US Access Board

Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
E-rate Requirements
ALA Resources
CIPA Frequently Asked Questions - Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction [PDF, 165 KB]
CIPA Cheat Sheet - Maine State Library [PDF, 39 KB]

Is It In the Public Domain?- [PDF, 1,615KB]- Berkeley Law handbook- evaluate copyright status of a US work created between 1/1/23 and 12/31/77
Copyright Genie
ACRL Code of Best Practices for Fair Use
US.Copyright Law - Text See specifically: 17USC 108 Exclusive rights: Reproduction by libraries and archives
Online Copyright Infringement (Wikipedia reference) See specifically 17USC 512

Designing and Using Screening Procedures [PDF, 505 KB]- Prepared for the Maine Commission for Community Service

Labor Laws
Maine Compensation Laws (overtime, exempt vs salaried, etc.)
Maine Labor Law Frequently Asked Questions
Employee or Volunteer - from the Non Profit Risk Management Center

Maine Laws
Maine Charitable Solicitations Act
Maine Library Sales Tax Exemption - subsection 50
Maine Theft of Library Materials - subsection (1)(C)

Non Profit Corporations
Maine Non Profit Corporations Website
Maine Non Profit Corporation Act - Text
Guide for Board Members of Charitable Corporations- Maine State Attorney General

Patriot Act
USA Patriot Act - ALA resources
ALA Guidelines USA Patriot Act, 2002 [PDF, 21KB]

Public Access Computers and Liability Concerns
- ALA guidance

Service Dogs
Maine Courts Administrative Guide
ADA Guidance
ADA Frequently Asked Questions
ALA Resources [PDF, 72 KB]