E-rate Form 471 - FY2014 (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015)

Please note: the forms on the USAC website may not work in Firefox on the PC or Mac. They work only in Internet Explorer (IE) on the PC and Safari on the Mac.

For FY 2015 filers: please do NOT use the guidance provided here, as the new Form 471 has not yet been released.

Please download a copy of this Form 471 and Item 21 Attachment instruction guide [PDF, 2.2 MB] It will be very helpful as you navigate the Form 471. This file and others below require the free Adobe Reader.

  1. Go to Apply Online for Form 471 and click "Create Form 471."
  2. Block 1, 3b: A requirement for libraries to supply an FCC Registration Number (FCC RN). If you filed last year, this number will be on your Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL) on page 1 in the RE: section. If that number is all zeroes that means you don't have an FCC RN and will need to obtain one to complete your Form 471. You can easily obtain this number by providing the library's EIN or TIN and going to the FCC Registration website.
  3. Block 1, 6g: Consultant Information. Skip this unless you have a signed contract with a paid E-rate Consultant.
  4. Block 4: Please DO NOT use the Copy Block 4 Worksheet from last year, use the Continue on to Block 4 button.
  5. Block 4: First "Add New Entity" is for your library. Second "Add New Entity" is for the School District in which your library resides. This data is in the NSLP Data Spreadsheet [PDF, 147 KB].
  6. Block 4, 2 "Type B Worksheet": You must check Administrative Entity. You now have to enter student NSLP data as well as the FSCS # and Urban/Rural status. This data is in the NSLP Data Spreadsheet [PDF, 147 KB]. The SLD Form 471 will compute the discount for you based upon these numbers.
  7. Block 5: Most items in this block remain the same, except #24. For telephone service applications only, you can check the box under 24 and skip the rest. Please note that the Item 21 attachment is now a "Window Requirement" - meaning it should be submitted before the Form 471 March 26, 2014 deadline.
  8. Block 6, #27: Check the second box that reads "Or I certify that no technology plan is required by Commission rules." A technology plan is no longer required for Priority 1 services. Please contact me if you think you are requesting Priority 2 services that would require an approved technology plan.
  9. Print a copy of your Form using the Print Preview, and then Submit.
  10. Next, Certify with PIN and check the box to affirm your compliance.
  11. Print a copy of the Certification pages. The Cert ID will print in the area where you typed your PIN.

Guidance for the Item 21 Attachment - Required after you have submitted the Form 471

Item 21 attachments can be done online. Often the link to the Item 21 that you see after submitting the Form 471 doesn't work. Just go to the Apply Online USAC page and click on the Item 21 Attachment button under the Form 471 (it's the bottom button). You will need your Entity Number, Form 471 application number and the security code. These numbers can be found on the page you were prompted to print out after Block 1 in the Form 471. The most important thing to remember is that the description of services on the Item 21 needs to align with services requested on the Form 470. If you requested local and long distance telephone service on the Form 470 then that is what the description of service should be on this document. Download the Step-by-Step instructions for the Item 21. [PDF, 97 KB]