General Information


What is MSECCA?

The Maine State Employees Combined Charitable Appeal (MSECCA) was established to create a single, coordinated campaign to encourage financial support for various charitable agencies from current and retired State employees.  All donations through the MSECCA campaign are voluntary.

The Governor annually designates a Campaign Chairperson. The Chair for the 2014 MSECCA campaign is Jeanne S. Paquette, Commissioner of the Department of Labor. Volunteers from each agency assist by answering questions from co-workers and encouraging participation in the campaign.

The 2014 Maine State Employees Combined Charitable Appeal is administered by:

P.O. Box 2095
153 Hospital Street
Augusta, ME  04338
(207) 622-0105

All MSECCA contributions and payroll deduction pledges are deposited at the Maine State Credit Union and distributed by the campaign administrator quarterly to MSECCA charities in accordance with employee designations.

MSECCA Administrative Costs:

Tax dollars and general fund monies are not used to conduct MSECCA. Although the labor is provided by three dozen dedicated volunteers from throughout State government, it costs about $30,000 to carry out the campaign each year. This includes a fixed $8,600 charge from InforME to allow for online giving and payroll deduction. Other costs include hiring an administrator to process, monitor and audit the distribution of funds to the designated charities. In recent years, the administrative cost has averaged about 10 percent of the total MSECCA contributions. Charities strongly support and appreciate workplace giving campaigns like MSECCA because they generate more donations overall than employees would likely contribute in the absence of a campaign.

To Make a Pledge:

Employees are asked to make pledges electronically by clicking the “Online Giving” link in the left hand column. Online giving is secure, saves paper, and reduces administrative costs. There are hundreds of charities listed, or you may manually enter a charity of your choice. If you have a co-worker who does not have access to a computer or if you do not wish to use online giving, you can print the employee pledge form.

Campaign and Dates:

The 2014 MSECCA Campaign begins on September 23, 2014. Employees may make online contributions through mid-December. Paper pledge forms may be submitted by both employees and retirees at any time throughout the year.

Payment Methods:

You may contribute any amount from $1 and up through either payroll deduction or by making a lump sum contribution.  Simply indicate the payment method that best suits your charitable giving plans.

Designation of Contributions:

You may designate all or part of your annual pledge to any charity listed in the MSECCA donor guide (click the “Donor Guide” link in the left hand column) or one you enter manually. For example, if you are giving a total of $300 over the course of the year, you could give $300 to a single charity or $50 to six different charities. If you wish to designate to another charity not listed a minimum donation of $25 is required for each write in agency.

Participating Federations:


Please contact the MSECCA volunteer for your agency or email MaineShare at