Maine State Employees Combined Charitable Appeal - 2013

September 2013

Dear Maine State Employees and Retirees:

It is with gratitude that we thank you for consistently going above and beyond your civic duty to enrich our local communities as well those outside of state boundaries. Your charitable spirit extends beyond your dedication to public service by volunteering valuable time or giving financial donations to organizations that depend on generous support from community members. When the call goes out to help our neighbors in need, Maine State Employees and Retirees are there to respond, and we hope you once again consider giving to the Maine State Employees’ Combined Charitable Appeal (MSECCA). As an added incentive this year, Commissioner Aho has volunteered to dye her hair pink if we meet or exceed our goal of $300,000.

During the 33 year history of MSECCA, close to $8 million has been raised. Many of the organizations that receive the funds operate on a tight budget.  Your contributions can make the difference for them being able to provide a hand up to members of our communities or having to close their doors. Last year, by contributing nearly $300,000 to charitable organizations, we continued with Maine’s strong tradition of looking out for one another.

We are all well aware of the economic reality and the effect it has on our households. In times like this, donations of any size are valued more than ever before, and the combination of many small gifts has a profound impact. If you plan to contribute to any cause in 2013, please consider donating through MSECCA, which saves you time because deductions are made straight from your paycheck. Contributing online is simple and secure at Upon log-in, you’ll find hundreds of available charities, or you can manually enter a charity that’s important to you and your family.

Thank you for all you do each day in service of your neighbors, both as State workers and as citizens within your communities, as well as for your consideration and hopefully your contributions through MSECCA.  Together, we will continue to change lives and strengthen Maine!


Paul R. LePage

Patricia W. Aho, Commissioner
Department of Environmental Protection
MSECCA Chair, 2013