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Federal Stimulus: MPUC and the Federal Recovery Package

Efficiency Maine

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 provides all States with funds for job creation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, weatherization and workforce development. The Maine Public Utilities Commission’s State Energy Program (located within the MPUC’s Energy Programs or “Efficiency Maine” division) has been designated to receive that portion of energy efficiency and renewable energy funding for which Maine is eligible. See the Table below for a summary of the programs to be supported by Maine’s ARRA energy funds.

These are one-time funds, and will be spent or committed within two years. The short-term goals for this funding are to create and retain jobs in Maine, to achieve energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions, and to encourage energy efficiency improvements in all sectors. The long-term goals are to strengthen Maine’s energy efficiency and renewable energy infrastructure, reduce barriers to increasing efficiency and renewable energy, build professional capacity, educate the public and lay the groundwork for transforming our markets so that energy efficiency and renewable energy efforts are sustained after the ARRA funding is spent.

If you are interested in applying for ARRA funds, you should check the active RFPs/RFA/s using the link on the right side of the page to see what applications we are currently open. Check this website frequently for updates on RFPs/RF. For weekly ARRA updates submitted to the Governor’s office by the MPUC and other agencies, go to

MPUC General

The MPUC is also eligible to receive formula grants for the following DOE programs: Enhancing State Government Energy Assurance Capabilities and Planning for Smart Grid Resiliency; and State Electricity Regulators Assistance.


There are also ARRA funds set aside for improving access to broadband services, and the MPUC plays a role in taking public comments on guidelines for use of those funds and submitting comments to the federal government. Broadband funds will be deployed through a grant process administered by the federal government. More information on broadband funds may be found at

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high volume of phone calls and emails that Efficiency Maine has been receiving, we ask that you please review the information below and in the links to the right before contacting Efficiency Maine regarding ARRA funding for the State Energy Program and Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant programs.

Summary Table for MPUC Website
Funding Opportunity Amount of Funding for Maine Programs Status
State Energy Program Formula Grant $27,305,000

Residential Programs:

  • Weatherization and Efficiency
  • Professional Training

Large Consumer All Fuels Programs:

  • Large Project Impact Fund Competitive Grants
  • Retro-Commissioning of Control Systems
  • Industrial Processes Assistance

Commercial All Fuels Programs:

  • Audit Services
  • Commercial Project Grants
  • Commercial Loan Fund
  • BOC Trainings
  • New Commercial Construction Efficient Design

Measurement & Verification for:

  • Residential Programs
  • Large Consumer Programs
  • Commercial Programs

Workforce Development Programs:

  • Dept of Labor Programs
  • PUC Education and Training

Small Renewables Programs:

  • Solar & Wind Rebate Program
  • Wind Anemometer Program
  • Renewable Resource Grants


  • Building Energy Codes (SPO)
  • Grants Connector (OEIS)
  • Improved Traffic Management/LED Signals (Dept. of Transportation)
  • Marketing
MPUC’s Initial Application submitted to DOE March 23, 2009*; MPUC’s Comprehensive PUC Application submitted to DOE May 12, 2009*; Award of 10% of funds to MPUC for administrative purposes only received on April 30,2009; Award of 40% of funds to MPUC for programs received on July 10, 2009; RFAs and RFPs will be forthcoming and will be posted on the MPUC website
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants $9,593,500

Maine’s EECBG funding will support three programs:

  • Block Grants to Units of Local Government (States receiving EECBG funding are required to re-grant no less than 60% of their awards to units of local government)
  • Large Project Impact Fund Competitive Grants
  • Solar & Wind Rebate Program
We have not yet received funds under the EECBG program, although we submitted all required applications and documents on June 25, 2009. The Federal Department of Energy is currently working on additional guidance for this grant. As more information becomes available, we will update this site. The deadline for filing applications is 11/18/09.
State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program $1,263,098


MPUC’s Initial Application submitted to DOE July 31, 2009; MPUC’s Comprehensive Application to DOE due October 15, 2009
Enhancing State Government Energy Assurance Capabilities and Planning for Smart Grid Resiliency $320,789

The purpose of the funding opportunity is to expand State and local energy assurance planning and resiliency efforts and to build in-house State and local government energy assurance expertise.

MPUC’s Application to DOE submitted July 30,2009; Notice of award of $320,789 received on August 12, 2009
State Electricity Regulators Assistance $783,554


MPUC’s Application to DOE due August 31, 2009

* A complete set of application documents can be found by clicking on the links in the box to the right