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MPUC Testimony

LD 33, An Act to Simplify Wireless Telecommunications (2/8/07) Attachment (§ 8902)

LD 36, An Act to Transfer the Administration of the Renewable Resource Fund from the State Planning Office to the Public Utilities Commission (1/30/07) Proposed Amendment (1/30/07)

LD 91, An Act to Provide Regulation of the Department of Corrections Telephone System by the Public Utilities Commission (1/31/07)

LD 134, An Act to Encourage the Use of Solar Energy (1/30/07) Proposed Amendment (1/30/07)

LD 229, An Act to Facilitate the Establishment of Tribal Electric Utility Districts (2/8/07)

LD 230, An Act to Clarify the Scope of Conservation Programs with Respect to Electricity Use (2/8/07) Attachment (ch. 580)

LD 240, An Act to Establish a Discounted Cable Rate for Senior Citizens and Assisted Living Facilities (2/8/07)

LD 267, An Act to Ensure Proper Funding of the Public Utilities Commission (2/6/07) Attachment (Bill Impact)

LD 268, An Act Regarding the Long-term Contracting Authority of the PUC (3/28/07) Attachment (Proposed Amendment)

LD 290, An Act to Encourage the Use of Solar Energy (2/13/07) Attachment (LD 134) , Attachment (LD 134 Amendment), Attachment (§ 3211-C)

LD 349, An Act to Provide a Tax Credit for the Purchase of Small Wind Power Generators for Personal or Small Business Use (2/13/07)

LD 352, An Act to Provide an Appeal Process Regarding Rate Increases of Certain Quasi-Municipal Districts and Corporations (2/13/07) Attachment (§ 6104)

LD 369, An Act to Require High-Speed Internet Access for All Maine Residents (2/13/07)

LD 398, An Act to Require Transmission Lines to be Placed Underground near Certain Facilities (2/27/07)

LD 399, An Act to Require Impact Statements from Potential Purchasers of Public Utilities and Those Who Apply to Extract Natural Resources (2/27/07)

LD 413, An Act to Amend Maine's Electric Utility Restructuring Laws (4/25/07) Attachment

LD 420, An Act Providing for Regulation of the Cable Television Industry by the PUC (3/27/07)

LD 435, An Act to Require Utilities and Competitive Service Providers to Pay Interest on Overestimates of Electric Power Bills (2/27/07) Attachment (§ 3104)

LD 435 Supplemental Comments (11/1/07)

LD 499, An Act Making Unified Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government, General Fund and Other Funds, and Changing Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Years Ending June 30, 2008 and June 30, 2009 (3/6/07)

LD 536, An Act to Promote Efficiency in the Use of the Communications Equipment Fund (5/10/07) Attachment 1 (26 MRSA, § 1419-A(2)) Attachment 2 (35-A MRSA, §7104) Attachment 3 (MPUC Testimony, LD 676) Attachment 4 (MPUC Testimony, LD 1055)

LD 547, An Act to Create Fairness in E-911 Funding (3/13/07)

LD 593, Resolve, To Establish a Second Public Safety Answering Point for Kennebec County (4/10/07) Attachment 1 (25 MRSA, § 2926) Attachment 2 (MPUC Order, Docket No. 2006-365)

LD 627, An Act to Ensure Uniform Emergency Medical Dispatch Services in Maine (3/1/07)

LD 645, An Act to Promote Municipal Energy Conservation (2/27/07)

LD 676, An Act to Implement the Recommendations of the Task Force to Study Maine's Homeland Security Needs (3/7/07) Attachment (Disability Indicator Comments)

LD 676, Supplemental PUC Testimony (3/14/07)

LD 678, An Act to Limit the Eminent Domain Authority of a Transmission & Distribution (3/8/07) Attachment 1 (§ 3132) Attachment 2 (§ 3136)

LD 710, An Act to Promote Rural Broadband Access (3/13/07)

LD 742, An Act Concerning Wholesale Power Purchases by Consumer-owned Transmission & Distribution Utilities (3/15/07) Attachment (§ 3202)

LD 743, An Act to Allow Transmission and Distribution Utilities to Generate and Sell Power (4/25/07)

LD 759, An Act to Increase the Percentage of Renewable Power in Systems of Very Large Investor-owned Transmission & Distribution Utilities (3/15/07) Attachment 1 (§ 3210) Attachment 2 (§ 3210(C))

LD 764, An Act to Clarify Standards for Issuance of a Certificate of Public Convenience & Necessity (3/12/07)

LD 765, Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of ConnectME Authority, Chapter 101, a Major Substantive Rule of the Governor's Office (3/13/07)

LD 774, An Act to Coordinate the Implementation of the In-stream flow & Water Level Rules among DEP, the Drinking Water Program of DHHS and the PUC (3/20/07)

LD 813, An Act to Provide an Energy Allowance to At-home Patients Using Ventilators (3/22/07) Attachment 1 (§ 3214) Attachment 2 (Chapter 314)

LD 968, Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 587: In-stream Flow & Water Level Standards, a Major Substantive Rule of DEP (3/20/07)

LD 969, Resolve Regarding Legislative Review of Chapter 316, Long Term Contracting & Resource Adequacy, A Major Substantive Rule of the PUC (3/28//07)

LD 1012, Resolve, to Require the Emergency Services Communication Bureau to Send E-911 Changes of Address Information to State Licensing Agencies (3/22/07) Attachment 1 Attachment 2 (Title 25, § 2929)

LD 1055, An Act to Establish the Hearing Assistance Program for Low-income Persons who are Elderly or Disabled (3/28/07)

LD 1068, An Act to Enhance Maine's Energy Independence and Security (4/25/07)

LD 1098, An Act to Promote Electricity Transmission Independence (3/28/07)

LD 1099, An Act to Encourage Wind Energy Development (5/2/07)

LD 1151, An Act to Streamline the Review of Minor Tariff Filings of Consumer-owned Water Utilities (3/27/07) Attachment (§ 6104)

LD 1153, An Act to Allow Affordable Housing Discretionary Water & Sewer Fee Waivers (3/27/07)

LD 1221, An Act to Amend the Charter of the Kennebunk Light & Power District (5/8/07) Attachment (1/24/03 Amended Order Denying Petition, Order No. 2002-196)

LD 1234, An Act to Require Clear Warnings on Light Bulbs Containing Mercury (3/27/07)

LD 1248, An Act to Establish the Northern Maine Power Agency (4/25/07)

LD 1248 Supplemental Comments Attachment (11/1/07)

LD 1311, An Act to Fight Global Warming Effects in the State (4/24/07) Attachment (2005 Appliance Standards Report)

LD 1331, An Act to Encourage Community Wind Power Projects (5/2/07) Attachment (Chapter 315)

LD 1339, Resolve, to Reduce Energy Costs for Consumers (5/8/07)

LD 1340, An Act to Enhance the Reliability and Competitiveness of Maine's Electricity Market (4/25/07)

LD 1346, An Act to Enhance Maine's Energy Independence and Reduce Electricity Costs (4/25/07)

LD 1383, An Act to Enhance the Availability of Emergency Telephone Services (4/10/07)

LD 1621, An Act to Ensure the Reliability of Communications Equipment in Certain Buildings (4/10/07) Attachment (30-A, § 453)

LD 1655, An Act to Improve Home and Commercial Energy Efficiency (5/2/07) Attachment (Chapter 920)

LD 1666, Resolve Directing the Public Utilities Commission to Amend its Rules to Increase the Amount of Energy Conservation Funds for School Administrative Units (5/2/07) Attachment (Supplement Order, Docket No. 2005-446) Attachment (Title 5, § 1764-A)

LD 1754, An Act to Incorporate the Greater Augusta Utility District (5/15/07)

LD 1767, An Act to Encourage Community Network Development (5/10/07)

LD 1836, An Act to Save Money for Maine Energy Consumers through Enhanced Energy Efficiency (5/2/07)

LD 1851, An Act to Establish the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Act of 2007 (4/24/07) Attachment

LD 1866, An Act to Revise Maine's Utility Reorganization Laws (5/8/07) Attachment 1 (Title 35-A, § 708) Attachment 2 (Title 35-A, § 1101) Attachment 3 (Title 35-A, § 7101)

LD 1903, An Act to Implement the Recommendations of the Working Group Studying Mold in Buildings (5/22/07) Attachment (Chapter 920)

LD 1918, An Act to Ensure Adequate Funding for the Oversight of Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage in Maine (6/5/07) Attachment 1 (Title 35-A, § 4395) Attachment 2 (Title 35-A, § 4396)