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MPUC Testimony



LD 2086, An Act to Facilitate the Regionalization of Emergency Communications Dispatching Services

LD 2080, An Act to Accelerate Private Investment in Maine’s Wireless and Broadband Infrastructure - Attachment

LD 2060, Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 895: Underground Facility Damage Prevention Requirements, a Major Substantive Rule of the Public Utilities Commission

LD 2041, An Act to enhance Maine's energy independence and security - Attachment 1, Attachment 2

LD 2018, An Act to allow the consolidation of the Winterport Sewerage District and Winterport Water District and to create incentives to pay water bills

LR 3130, An Act to promote renewable electricity generation - Attachment

LR 3180, An Act regarding energy efficiency standards for residential rental properties

LD 1829, An Act to Allow for Access to Digital Phone Service for Customers in Rural Areas

LD 1858, An Act to Improve Cellular Phone Service in the State

LD 1884, An Act to Improve the Prisoner Telephone System

LD 1897, An Act to Protect Maine’s Electricity Consumers - PUC Proposed Amendment

LD 1913, An Act to Designate the Department of Health and Human Services as the Sole Entity Entitled to Use the 2-1-1 Telephone Number

LD 1931, An Act to Encourage Energy Independence in Maine

LD 1969, Resolve to Evaluate the Public Safety Answering Points for the State of Maine