MPUC Testimony
121st Legislature
  First Regular Session

All LD's Related to Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

All Related to Energy Efficient Appliance Standards and Building Energy Codes (LDs 540, 799, 1157, 1187, 1261, 1321)

LDs Related to Energy Efficiency Funding (LDs 231, 233, 547, 1157, 1261)

LDs Related to Renewable Energy Sources (LDs 302, 805, 1053, 1157, 1261, 1312)

LD 29, An Act to Eliminate the Telephone Service Tax Dedicated to Libraries and Schools (Summary of Maine Schools and Libraries Network Events)

LD 67, An Act to Ensure that Utility Property is used to Further the Public Interest

LD 87, An Act to Ensure that all State Residential and Commercial Customers are Able to Purchase Electricity Through the Competitive Market

LD 90, An Act to Create Broadband Internet Access in Rural Areas of the State

LD 163, An Act to Provide Energy Opportunities to Northern Maine

LD 183, An Act to Ensure Lower Electricity Costs in Maine

LD 222, An Act Providing for Regulation of the Cable TV Industry by the PUC

LD 238, An Act to Amend the Energy Resources Council Membership

LD 298, An Act to Define Standard-offer Service as a Service of Last Resort

LD 330, An Act to Clarify the Ability of Transmissions and Distribution Utilities to Market Electricity at Retail

LD 343, An Act to Reduce the Electric Bill of Persons Requiring Daily Use of Electric Oxygenators

LD 352, An Act to Encourage Energy Efficiency and Security

LD 371, An Act to Require Review of Utility Rates Prior to Approval of Alternative Rate Plans

LD 479, An Act to Revise the Funding Formula for the Public Utilities Commission and the Public Advocate

LD 481, An Act to Preserve Competition in the Long-distance Telephone Market

LD 546, An Act to Ensure Consideration of Accurate Long-term Customer Power Alternatives

LD 548, An Act to Require Fair Treatment of Ratepayers When Electric Utilities are Sold

LD 569, An Act to Allow the Public Utilities Commission to Exempt Certain Telephone Utilities from the Requirement to Obtain Approval for Special Contracts

LD 577, An Act to Facilitate Access to Dial-up Internet Service for Telephone Customers throughout the State

LD 639, An Act to Ensure Accurate Electric Rates for the Ski Industry

LD 668, Resolve Regarding the Reduction of Barriers to the Transmission of Electricity

LD 669, An Act to Strengthen the Energy Resources Council

LD 671, An Act to Facilitate the Development of Cost-Effective Distributed Generation in the State

LD 775, An Act to Clarify that all Companies Offering Telephone Services for Compensation, Including Switchless Resellers, are Telephone Utilities

LD 776, An Act to Eliminate Potential Restrictions to the Establishment of an Alternative Form of Regulation for Some Telephone Utilities

LD 811, An Act to Prevent the Gaming of Special Rate Contracts by Utilities

LD 843, An Act to Ensure Equal Treatment of Telecommunications Customers under Maine's Universal Service Fund

LD 1030, An Act to Allow Consumer-owned Utilities to Purchase Power at Negotiated Wholesale Rates, Terms and Conditions

LD 1042, An Act to Ensure Proper Funding of the Public Utilities Commission

LD 1147, An Act to Shift Burdens from Wages to Nonrenewable Power Sources

LD 1148, Resolve, To Establish the Maine Networked Services Task Force

LD 1252, An Act to Authorize Water and Wastewater Districts to Lease their Assets

LD 1317, And Act to Strengthen Maine's "Do Not Call" List

LD 1359, An Act to Establish the Locally Governed Water District Act

LD 1360, An Act to Create a No-contact List and Prohibit Unsolicited E-mail

LD 1373, Resolve, to Establish the Commission on Comprehensive Energy Planning

LD 1483, An Act to Improve the Ability of the Public Utilities Commission to Enforce State Laws, Rules and Requirements

LD 1494 (attachment), Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Chapter 306; Information Disclosure Rule Amendment, a Major Substantive Rule of the Public Utilities Commission and LD 1495, Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Chapter 311; Eligible Resources Portfolio Requirements Rule Amendment, a Major Substantive Rule of the Public Utilities Commission

LD 1595, An Act to Enhance Electric Utility Consumer Protections

LD 1604, An Act to Expedite the Drilling of Private Drinking Water Wells


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