Designated Contact People for Maine's RFB for Standard Offer Service

Questions regarding the RFB or bid process should be directed to the RFB's primary contact person:

John Higgins
Navigant Consulting, Inc.
200 Wheeler Road, Suite 400
Burlington, Mass  01803
Tel: 781-564-9742
Fax: 781-270-0418

Questions regarding utility-specific data or characteristics should be directed to:

Calvin Luther
Bangor Hydro-Electric Company
Tel: 207-973-2833
Fax: 207-973-2813

Geoff Green
Central Maine Power Company
Tel: 207-621-6517
Fax: 207-626-9561

Brent Boyles (available beginning August 16)
Maine Public Service Company
Tel: 207-768-5811
Fax: 207-760-9582

The contact at the Maine Public Utilities Commission is:

Faith Huntington
Tel: 207-287-1373
Fax: 207-287-1039