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A.            Comments on Commission's Draft Report issued on 03/28/05

            1.            Comments of Bangor Hydro-Electric Company, dated 04/11/05;

            2.            Comments of Central Maine Power Company, dated 04/27/05;

            3.            Comments of ISO-NE; and,

            4.            Comments of Art Ray.


B.        Report on the Adequacy of the T&D Systems of Maine's Four Major Electric Utilities

            By, Liberty Consulting Group


C.        CMP 10 Worst SAIFI Performing Circuits, 2001-2003


D.        CMP 10 Worst CAIDI Performing Circuits


E.        CMP Outages by Cause Code


F.         CMP Distribution and Transmission Plant, Average Age 1999-2003


G.        CMP Data Responses on Circuit Capacity, dated 10/15/04 and 02/23/05


H.        BHE Worst SAIFI Performing Circuits


I.          BHE Worst Performing CAIDI Performing Circuits


J.         BHE Outage by Cause Code


K.        MPS Worst SAIFI and CAIDI Performing Circuits


L.         MPS Outage by Cause Code


M.            Average Age of Distribution and Transmission Plant Comparison


N.        ISO-NE Operating Procedures for Abnormal Conditions