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Maine Telecommunications Education Access Fund
Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes for December 4, 2003


Members Present: Phil Lindley, Joanne Steneck, Bill Black, Gary Nichols, Kim Quinn for Greg Scott, Barry Crommett, Deb Alford, Scott Thibeau, Jeff Letourneau for Gerry Dube


Members Absent: Lance Bell, Reginald Palmer

1)     The Minutes from October 16, 2003, meeting were approved.


2)     Status of Connections. Barry Crommett reported that there are 372 installed standard 56 kbps connections, 490 installed T-1 connections, and 87 installed ATM circuits that serve 125 sites. There are four pending ATM sites (Hampden, Mt. Desert, Lincoln, North Penobscot Regional Tech Center). Six more video rooms are planned. Barry introduced Deb Alford, his temporary replacement on the Board as he is leaving Verizon to work for Apple.

3)     Status of Internet Service. Jeff Letourneau reported that the help desk has been expanded from four to nine seats and will have twelve seats by the end of the year (2003). The fall period is the busiest time for the helpdesk, which serves the university, MSLN, and the ATM DOE project. An ACD (automatic call distribution) system is used for skills-based routing. UNET has ordered OC12 connections for Portland and Orono, but OC3s will be used for the short term. Music downloads have decreased (a major bandwidth use) because of RIAA suits, traffic shaping and copyright violation reports. Jeff said that all buildings on UM campuses would have wireless access by next year (2004).


a)     Linda Lord reported that the wireless project for the 50 libraries was proceeding. A contract is to be negotiated and she will provide a progress report to the board at the next meeting. She said that they received a $118K Gates grant with MSLN funds as the match.


4)     Federal E-Rate Status. Edna Comstock said that the Form 472 from the previous 2001 appeal has been processed for about $26,000 and the last payment of $232,000. The 2002 appeal letter has been received and the review of the application had a few problems (ineligible sites, incorrect discount, etc.). The 2003 application is in review with a few disputed discounts. Consortium appear to receive more scrutiny. She is processing the 2004 application package that is due February 7, 2004. CIPA filtering must be in place by July 2004. The E-Rate webpage,


5)     Discussion of New RFP. Linda Lord said that the review committee met on November 7, 2003, selecting Verizon for the network service and UNET for the ISP service. Prexar filed an appeal for the UNET selection, a hearing will be conducted by Purchasing January 6, 2004. The contracts will be signed shortly. Prices for the contracts are:


ISP service -- $140 per site per month


Network service: 56 kbps frame relay -- $80 per site per month

384 kbps frame relay -- $420 per site per month

T-1 frame relay -- $472 per site per month

DSL (where available) -- $105-$114 per site per month


6)     Other.


a)     Financial Statements from MTEAF Administrator.


b)     Next MSLN Advisory Board Meeting January 22, 2004, at 9:30AM, PUC Conf. Room C.