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Maine Telecommunications Education Access Fund
Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes for November 18, 2005


Members Present:    Phil Lindley, Joanne Steneck, Linda Lord for Gary Nichols, Greg Scott, Greg Desjardin, Jeff Letourneau, Reginald Palmer, Melinda Poore for Lance Bell, Scott Thibeau.


Members Absent:     Bill Black


1)     Minutes from September 15, 2005, meeting were approved.


2)     Status of Connections.  Greg Desjardin provided an updated count of sites that receive Verizon transport: 200 installed standard 56 kbps connections, 489 installed T-1 connections, 91 installed ATM circuits that serve 141 sites, and 40 installed DSL sites.  The company is in the planning phase for the upgrade of all 56k sites as of 7/1/06.  Also, there was a Frame Relay circuit problem in the Portland area, FRS card problems in Bangor and a “crash” in Lewiston.  All have been corrected.


3)     Status of Internet Service.  Jeff Letourneau introduced David Inman, Project Coordinator for the UNET Distance Learning Network.  David will also assist with the MSLN, relieving some of the workload on Doretta and Jeff.  Jeff reported on a “phishing” scam involving the Bangor Savings Bank.  UNET worked with the bank to prevent problems.  UNET has an RFP out for connectivity out of Portland for Internet 2.


4)     E-Rate Issues.  Linda Lord, for Sylvia Norton, said that they were conducting E-Rate training sessions over the ATM Distance Learning network..


5)     2005 E-Rate Application.  Linda Schatz discussed the E-Rate applications that she is working on.  For 04-05 the total amount should be $1,838,544 ($306,281 already received).  Linda said that the review of the 05-06 application is going fairly well, with the same reviewer as last year.  She also said that the application window process was moving slowing and that the list of eligible services was not yet approved.  Linda discussed E-rate simplification with the Chief of the Wireline Communications Bureau of the FCC.


6)     Other:  Joanne Steneck said that the 05-06 extension for the Verizon FRS (T-1) contract was the last one and a new RFP will have to be done for service starting July ’07.
Reggie Palmer said that the Connect Maine PK20 Infrastructure report and initiative could have an impact on the MSLN and we should be aware of any legislation.