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Maine Telecommunications Education Access Fund
Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes for November 17, 2004


Members Present:             Phil Lindley, Joanne Steneck, Linda Lord for Gary Nichols, Greg Scott, Greg Desjardin, Gerry Dube, Bill Black, Melinda Poore for Lance Bell, Reginald Palmer


Members Absent:            Scott Thibeau


1)     The Minutes from October 7, 2004, meeting were approved.


2)     Status of Connections.  Greg Desjardin said that there are 335 installed standard 56 kbps connections (about 1/3 with routers and 2/3 with FRADs), 507 installed T-1 connections, and 91 installed ATM circuits that serve 141 sites.  Except for the ATM connection, the numbers continue to be the same as the last meetings because Verizon will make adjustments after the bills have been reconciled.  Greg and Peter Poidomani, with Linda Lord, are working to finalize the numbers and bills, to be provided by the next meeting.


3)     Status of Internet Service.  Gerry Dube said that his system is static and stable, with few virus problems.  He provided an email/virus scanning status update.  He said of the 866 potential mail domains, 646 incoming are being scanned for viruses and Spam using the UNET servers.  The rest of the mail servers (220) are yet to be reviewed.  For outgoing email, 551 domains hosted on MSLN servers have outgoing mail scanned.  He also said that 50 domains have been “forced” to be scanned by UNET because of virus problems.  Still to be addressed are the known servers and a number of unidentified servers.  Gerry said that the wireless campus project is accessible to faculty, staff, and any registered MSLN users.


4)     DSL Transport Service.  Greg said that there continues to be problems with the DSL to Hubbard Library, but that a new POTS line is to be installed.  Lubec was mistakenly added to the pilot list, but DSL is not available from the CO.  Boothbay Harbor will also get a new POTS line dedicated to DSL.  The Dover-Foxcroft/Thompson Library is up and running, without a separate POTS line, at 7.1mbps download speed.  The Board has concluded that a dedicated POTS line should probably be automatically included in order to ensure that the service works.

Reggie Palmer said that 10-50% of independent territory MSLN sites are likely DSL capable.  He will work with UNET and Verizon to determine how to transport the independent traffic to UNET.


5)     Federal E-Rate Issues.  Edna Comstock said that a check was in the mail, to Verizon, for the 2003 year and that the UNET check was in “invoicing.”  She reviewed the status of the 2002, 2004, and 2005 applications.  The Board also discussed non-MSLN access and the concerns with the E-Rate allocation method causing review problems.  Edna also mentioned potential Federal legislation to exempt the E-Rate money from the “Anti-Deficiency Act” provisions, which has caused delays in commitments and funding disbursal. 



6)     Other.


a)     Linda will develop an RFP for mid-range bandwidth (greater than T-1, but less than T-3), so that a contract can be in place before the 2005 E-Rate submission, by February 17, 2005.


b)     Next MSLN Advisory Board Meeting – Wednesday, January 19, 2005, at 1:30 PM, in the PUC Hearing Room.