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Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

October 7, 1998

Members Present: Bill Black, Barry Crommet, Stephen Gilbert, Phil Lindley, Gary Nichols, Barry McCrum, Reginald Palmer, Joanne Steneck, Ray Poulin

1. September 17, 1998 meeting minutes approved.

2. Report on Status of Training. During the last meeting, the Board asked Art Henry to contact the Maine Science and Technology Foundation (training contractor) for additional information on the current status of training efforts. The Board particularly asked for details on the site specific courses and discussion groups being offered in addition to workshops. Terry Shahata spoke on behalf of MSTF and suggested that the circuit rider proposal should build on the infrastructure already developed for training, particularly since the current training contract expires in December. Terry also asked if the Board would be interested in pursuing some federal grant opportunities ( e.g. NASA, DOE, EPA) building on the School and Library Network infrastructure. Bill Black agreed to participate as a Board representative (as time permits). Terry introduced Sonja Fongemie from Northern Maine Technical College (NMTC) who described current training activities and provided a report on the first half of 1998. Brad Potter (NMTC), Janet Harmon (USM) and Susie Strout (UMO) described training activities taking place in their areas.

3. Circuit Rider Proposal. The Board agreed that using the current training infrastructure would create continuity and the most efficient use of resources. It was agreed to submit the 9/17/98 proposal to the Commission with slight revisions, including that Bell Atlantic would contract directly with UMO, USM, NMTC for the circuit rider service. The commission will consider the proposal at tis Deliberative Session on October 13, 1998.

4. Report from Bandwidth Expansion Team. There was general agreement that the Team should continue to refine the plan as proposed. Sites where the usage peaks over 50 kbps six or more times a month and have 124 or more computers (as determined by Network Allocation) would be eligible for a T1 (or AEV of a T1 for ATM). Projected: 66 eligible. Sites where usage peaks over 40 kpbs three or more times in a month but less than six times would be eligible for a 384 kbps connection. Projected: 221 eligible. All sites desiring an upgrade would be responsible for site preparation costs including a router and CSU if not already available (could be as much as $3,000).