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Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

September 17, 1998

Members Present: Bill Black, Phil Lindley, Reggy Palmer, Linda Lord (for Ray Poulin), Gary Nichols, Barry Crommet, Joanne Steneck

Members Absent: Barry McCrum, Stephen Gilbert

1. August 12, 1998 meeting minutes approved with correction to Karl Beiser's name.

2. Report on Applications and Installations. 1129 schools and libraries are currently connected. The Department of Education has notified Bell Atlantic that four more alternative schools are eligible. Before the next meeting, Bell Atlantic will file an updated financial report on spending through July and projected spending based on the program as currently designed; still projected to be less than $10 million.

3. Status of Training. Art Henry reported that four technical coordinator sessions were held in August. Ten more sessions with expected with participation of 16-21 individuals, in Orono and Portland. Art Henry is checking whether sufficient interest exists to hold some sessions in Presque Isle.

The training being offered by USM, UM and Northern Maine Technical College continues on track for contract completion by December 31, 1998. Workshops, site specific courses and discussion seminars are taking place. Art Henry will provide a more complete report at the next meeting on the training being offered for site specific and on evaluation results.

4. Report on Status of E-Rate. Linda Lord reported that there is no new news on when funds will be available - at this time still expect schools and libraries to be notified by October. Linda also reported that the State would be rebidding the ATM contract so no schools beyond the interim test sites will be added this fall.

5. Report from Bandwidth Expansion Team. The team presented a proposed process for determining whether a site has justified or demonstrated need for a network connection speed upgrade. They suggested three criteria: 1) historical utilization; 2) number of computers connected or requested; and 3) planned and budgeted upgrades. A site would have to pay for site preparation, a router, and CSU (which could be as much as $2000 - $3000). The Board agreed with this general approach as a starting point for discussions. Other issues that will need to be addressed include: timing, size of upgrade (TI, 384 etc.), how to treat AEV's, cost sharing. It was agreed that this will the major topic at the next meeting.

6. Report from Circuit Rider Team. The team submitted a proposal to the Board. There seemed to be general agreement with the goals of focusing on sites with the most serious problems and fewest resources, fostering sustainable use and closely integrating circuit rider with remaining training efforts. Initially, two computer professionals and one support person would be hired by Bell Atlantic on a contract basis. The Maine State Library has offered the use of free space. The Board reviewed a preliminary budget covering 18 months of $280,525. It was agreed that the proposal was substantially complete and could be forwarded to the Commission for its approval soon. Board members should give Karl Beiser any additional comments by Friday September 25. The Board will vote on a final proposal at the next meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 12:40. The next meeting will be held on October 7, 1998 at 1:00 p.m. at the Maine State Library