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Members Present: Joanne Steneck, Phil Lindley, Raymond Poulin, Gary
Nichols, Barry McCrum, Reginald Palmer, Jim Graul (for Jim McCarthy), Bill Black. Absent: Stephen Gilbert

1. Approval of minutes from August 7, 1996 meeting; old/new business

Minutes approved with no changes; no old business; no additions to agenda.

2. Status report from NYNEX on applications, installations, training

Mr. Henry passed out up-to-date statistics on the project. Total access tier selections at 886. Computer grant processing running smoothly; 252 checks mailed.

Installations so far, 129; 298 in process; 126 installations
scheduled into September and October with 90 scheduled in

Technical training: Mailing sent out, some responses received.
Now that school has started things picking up. Process is running
well, i.e., places and times for training. The training on 8/8 had very positive feedback. 15 or 20 able to be trained at one time. Orono, Camden, Gorham, Waterville, USM are training sites in use so far.

Competency training at NMTC 82 people registered; U of M
91 people registered.

Mr. Henry stressed the increased interest since school
started. He also questioned how to get to people that haven't yet
applied. Ms. Steneck will prepare a draft for the next meeting to send
to these non-applicants and suggested it be mailed by the middle of

Mr. Henry also announced that Janet Girard is now the NYNEX full-time assistant project manager and that Carol Manchester is back
with the program.

3. AEV Approvals

Ms. Steneck presented two for Board consideration; 1) two schools in Machias to be served by Pine Tree Cable; and 2) Portland Library and 5 branches to use Time Warner cable. Board approved recommending the two proposals to the Commission for its approval.

The only other AEV application outstanding is from the ECO 2000 schools in Aroostook County. Ms. Steneck is awaiting receipt of more information from them.

Ms. Steneck suggested a draft letter be presented at the next
Board meeting to be sent to those who requested AEV applications but have not submitted them as yet to determine if they are still interested in AEV option.

4. Discussion of Recommendation to Commission Regarding Connection
of Superintendents' Offices to Network

Mr. Poulin presented a memo providing rationale for including superintendents' offices as part of School and Library Network. If
recommendation approved, 117 more connections would have to be made.

Mr. Nichols moved approval.

Ms. Steneck stated the Commission will likely want numbers on program costs before consideration. Preliminary figures to be presented at next Board meeting.

The Board voted to support the concept of connecting
Superintendents' offices to the Network, contingent on a review of
NYNEX's projected program costs. The Board will make a formal
recommendation to the Commission after further consideration of
program costs.

Fairly lengthy discussion arose about the eligibility of certain schools that report to the State as one school but may consider themselves to be two schools, i.e., middle school, high school. It was agreed that the Board will stay with its original method for identifying schools: eligible schools are those schools identified as schools in the Department of Education's Maine Educational Directory, that otherwise meet the criteria set out in the Commission's Orders of January 5, 1996 and February 16, 1996, (i.e., public schools and State approved private schools) . The schools are listed in the directory in the manner in which the school reports to the State. Schools that have questions about how they are listed in the directory will need to contact the Department of Education to discuss their reporting status. [NOTE: Eligible schools include those schools listed in the Directory as 1) School Administrative Districts, 2) Community School Districts, 3) Units within School Unions (including Maine Indian Education), 4) Units under District Superintendents and Agents of the Commissioner of Education, 5) Education in unorganized territories, 6) State operated schools, 7) Charter schools, 8) Regional Applied Technology Centers, 9) Regional Applied Technology Regions, and 10) State approved private schools.]

A brief discussion was held about the possibility of adding additional libraries, e.g. medical libraries. Discussion paper to be presented at next meeting by Mr. Nichols, along with the issue of whether municipalities in the same building as library should be connected.

5. Program Publicity

A) Ms. Steneck asked about the possibility of a bill stuffer
with information on the School and Library project similar to one included about ATM in the August NYNEX bill. Jim McCarthy is looking into it and Reggie Palmer will discuss it with the independents.

B) Mr. Poulin reported on progress of working with the Governor's
office for promotion of the Project. It was agreed that the independent telephone companies and cable companies should also have input. Ideas on PR for the project should be sent to Mr. Poulin. Mr. Poulin to set up meetings with the Governor's PR rep. and proceed from there.

6. Survey/Evaluation Information Gathering

NYNEX has personnel who will be available to help design and implement survey to be sent to schools and libraries regarding use. Ms. Steneck stated information will have to be gathered by November 30 in order to make it into the February report to the Legislature. She suggested putting the survey off until March due to time constraints and the small number that will have been connected as of mid-November. The Board agreed, but when reporting to Legislature at the beginning of the year to give whatever information is available at that time with an explanation that further information will be provided after survey is completed in the spring.

7. NYNEX Tariff Offerings for 386 and T-1; Discussion of Upgrading from 56 kbps

The issue of what should happen when a school or library outgrows its 56 kbps connection was discussed.

Mr. Nichols suggested it's too early in the process to resolve this
issue. Mr. Poulin feels the schools and libraries will let the Board know when this type of problem arises. It was agreed to wait

on this subject and at some point to ask the Commission whether they
want the Board to further explore. Mr. Graul explained that NYNEX
has not been able to work out any special pricing or contracts for
libraries and schools wanting to purchase 386 or T-1 service. NYNEX
will continue to work on this, although no one was aware of any
pending requests for this service.

Mr. Beiser gave a brief presentation on the Info Net Tasks and resources that will be available to schools and libraries from the June bond issue.

8. Other

1. Mr. Nichols stated the municipal office connections, for those
housed in same building as public library, would be around 15.
He passed out a memo on this subject which will be discussed
further at the next meeting.

2. Newsletter - Mr. Nichols suggested sending one out soon with
focus on training. He feels it should be in print rather than on website. He has received favorable input from the libraries on the first newsletter and that interest will remain high if newsletter sent out.

Mr. Beiser agreed to work on a draft of frequently asked
questions. Other members were asked to suggest topics.
Information should be submitted to Ms. Steneck.

3. Next meeting scheduled for October 3 at 1:00 P.M. at the
University of Maine, Orono.