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Maine Telecommunications Education Access

Fund Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes

August 1, 2001


Members Present:            Phil Lindley, Gary Nichols, Joanne Steneck, Greg Scott, Art Henry for Barry Crommett, Bill Black; Scott Thibeau


Members Absent:            Reginald Palmer, Barry McCrum



1.            Approval of Minutes From June 27, 2001 Meeting.  The minutes were approved.


2.                  Coordination of Maine Learning Technology Endowment With MTEAF.  Jim Doyle described the initial planning for implementing the Maine Learning Technology Endowment.  Jim pointed out that the legislation requires coordination with the MTEAF (i.e., the annual state learning technology plan must include “strategies that coordinate the resources and goals of the endowment and the plan with a network of schools and libraries in the State administered by the Public Utilities Commission and the telecommunication education access fund.” 20-A M.R.S.A. § 19102(2)(G)).


An RFP is being developed to acquire devices, servers, tech support, and training.  They hope to have finalists chosen by mid-October with a final selection by early December 2001.  There likely will be a project director within the Department of Education (DOE).  Depending on what contractors and technology are chosen, there will be some reliance on our Network.  There are 240 schools with 7th and 8th graders.  Of the 34,000 students in these grades, 50% are in 30 of those schools.  Some of these schools may need upgrades to T1’s.  DOE is preparing to survey these schools to find out what systems and technical support they currently have in place, and whether they plan to allow students to take the devices home.  It was agreed that we would continue to communicate on how the bidding process is progressing so we can determine what support will be necessary through MTEAF.


3.              Federal E-Rate.  Our consortium application was not among the applications approved in Wave 1 announced on July 23.  Almost all of the $2.3 M awarded to Maine sites in that round was for regular telephone service.  Waves will be released every two weeks.  Congressional delegations are informed on Wednesday, the applicant can find out on Thursday, and it is public on Friday, and posted on USCA’s webpage on Monday (Note: our application was not in Wave 2 announced on August 3 – Maine received $485,820 in that Wave).


4.            Innovative and Technologically Advanced.  There was further discussion about the request for pre-proposal.  Joanne said she would ask the Commission to approve the proposal process at its next deliberative session on August 8, 2001.


The next meeting will be September 12, 2001 in the Commission’s Hearing Room.