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Maine Telecommunications Education Access Fund
Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes for July 24, 2003


Members Present:             Phil Lindley, Joanne Steneck, Bill Black, Linda Lord for Gary Nichols, Kim Quinn for Greg Scott, Gerry Dube, Reginald Palmer


Members Absent:            Barry Crommett, Scott Thibeau, Melinda Poore


  1. Approval of Minutes from June 12, 2003, meeting.


  1. Status of Connections.  Barry Crommett was not able to attend, but he sent his information electronically.  There are 400 installed standard 56 kbps connections, 461 installed T-1 connections, and 84 installed ATM circuits that serve 123 sites.  One more ATM connections to be installed (Vinalhaven), totaling 85.  Kim said that six more sites would connect to the ATM system (Mattanawcook JR/SR HS, Forest Hills HS Jackman, Wiscasset HS, N. Penobscot Tech Region III, Mt Desert HS, Hampden Academy).  Barry also provided a list of sites that have 56kbps connections served from central offices with DSL capability (75).  While some of those sites may not qualify for DSL (line condition, distance from office), it may be helpful to pick one for a trial.  The per-month rate and equipment requirements are considerably less than T-1.
  2. Status of Internet Service and Filtering.  Gerry Dube said that the Internet service is “in marvelous shape.”  There is better redundancy and isolation with plenty of bandwidth.  The latest release of the filtering software provides more local control and has performance improvements.  He will examine the largest middle schools for bandwidth usage and report to the Board.


  1. Federal E-Rate Status.  Edna Comstock said that there is no news on the 2002 award appeal and that the small one affecting the 2001 award was granted, but has not received a funding commitment yet.  She said that Rep. Allen’s office has been helpful.  The CIPA decision requires revised 479s for 2003 that attest to a site’s preparing for compliance with CIPA by July 2004.


  1. Discussion of New RFP.  Linda sent the draft to State Purchasing for approval on 7/22.  She also reported on the likelihood of a $118,000 Gates grant to assist libraries.


  1. Impact of CIPA Decision.  The was much discussion about what alternatives would be available to libraries who do not want to filter – paying the E-Rate portion, alternative connections, changing the state statute.  The Board will discuss this at the next meeting after reviewing further directions from the FCC.
  2. Other.