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M I N U T E S School and Library Network Advisory Board Meeting July 2, 1996 (by telephone at 11 a.m.)
Members Participating: Joanne Steneck, Phil Lindley, Bill Black, Linda Lord (for Raymond Poulin), Gary Nichols, James McCarthy, Barry McCrum, and Reginald Palmer 1. Consideration of UM Technical Coordinator Training Seminar Proposal The Board approved the Technical Coordinator Training Seminars Proposal, dated June 28, 1996. 2. Availability of List of Schools and Libraries Eligible for Computer Grants The Board agreed to put a list on the PUC website of those schools and libraries that are receiving $2,000 and $600 grants. The name of the institution and town will appear on the list. Ms. Steneck also noted that the list of all schools and libraries eligible to connect to the network appears on the PUC website and an update to this list will also appear, as necessary. The lists on the website are the official lists. 3. Publicity There was a brief discussion of publicity for the Project. Gary Nichols agreed to work with Jim McCarthy, Reggie Palmer and Barry McCrum to develop a possible press release/other publicity. This will be further discussed at the August 7, 1996 meeting. MEETING ADJOURNED AT 11:35 A.M.