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Maine Telecommunications Education Access

Fund Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes

June 27, 2001


Members Present:            Phil Lindley, Gary Nichols, Joanne Steneck, Greg Scott, Barry

Crommett, Bill Black, Barry McCrum


Members Absent:            Reginald Palmer, Scott Thibeau


1.            Approval of Minutes From May 10, 2001 Meeting.  The minutes were approved.


2.            Update on Task Force of the Maine Learning and Technology Endowment.

            Legislation with the details of the endowment was passed and signed into law as part of the budget bill (P.L. 2001, ch. 358, Part II).  The endowment is now $30 Million with a requirement that an additional $15 Million be raised from non‑state appropriation sources.  The program will begin in Fall 2002.  Jim Doyle will be invited to our next meeting to discuss how the endowment may be coordinated with MTEAF.


3.            Federal E-Rate.  There is no information on when Federal E-Rate funding awards will be made.  With regard to the MCLU/Libraries suit over CIPA, the FCC has agreed that libraries must certify on Form 486 by October 28 that they have taken some action toward compliance with CIPA by July 1, 2001.  Schools must certify that they are in compliance with CIPA or that they are undertaking actions to put into place an Internet Safety Policy and to procure the filtering or blocking technology as of July 1, 2001.


4.            Innovative and Technologically Advanced.  Bob Shafto of the Center for Education asked to speak to the Board on his ideas related to projects that are innovative and technologically advanced.  He suggested that grants not be limited to individual schools.  He urged that projects be funded that have a potential for Statewide impact.  Gerry Dube suggested that a good use of funds would be for “rich content” for ATM that can be shared among schools.  It was generally agreed that winning proposals should demonstrate that they will have statewide impact, along with the other criteria originally proposed by the subcommittee last fall.  It was agreed that pre-proposals of one page would be solicited.  A designated review committee would then ask for full proposals from selected pre-proposals.  Approximately $700,000 is available.  One to three projects would likely be funded.  Linda Lord will draft a description for Board consideration at the next meeting.


5.         Board Membership.  The Board agreed to ask the Commission if UNET could be represented on the MTEAF Advisory Board.


            The next meeting will be on August 1, 2001 at the Commission in Conference

Room C.