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                          June 26, 1996
Members Present:  Joanne Steneck, Phil Lindley, Bill Black, Linda
                  Lord (for R. Poulin), Gary Nichols, Art Henry
                  (for Jim McCarthy), Barry McCrum, Reggie Palmer
                  Absent:  Stephen Gilbert

1.   Approval of Minutes from June 12 Meeting

          Accepted with no changes; no old business

2.   Status Report from NYNEX on Applications and Installation
     Progress; Budget

          Mr. Henry distributed updated application statistics,
     schedule of installations, projected installations, etc.  He
     stressed that the figures are ever changing.  770
     applications had been received as of June 26, 1996.  He also
     reported that the $600 computer grant checks will be
     disbursed this week and the $2,000 grants next week.  Delay
     in payment has been due to NYNEX accounting practices
     requiring Federal Taxpayer I.D. numbers for payees.  They
     have had difficulty getting the numbers from approximately
     15 libraries.  Checks will not be mailed until the I.D.
     numbers are obtained.  Mr. Arnold at the State Library will
     be assisting NYNEX in making contact with these libraries.
          Ms. Steneck passed out statistics on eligibility for
     computer grants.  238 computer grants have been approved.

          Ms. Steneck requested a presentation and written
     summary for the 8/7 meeting regarding NYNEX and UMO plans
     for implementing and expanding the backbone.  In particular,
     how will the system be sized and expanded as more users come
     on-line and use increases.
          At the last meeting Mr. Nichols asked NYNEX for updated
     budget estimates.  Bruce Larsen said he should have an
     estimate by the end of September.  At that time, better
     estimates regarding what has been spent and projected
     expenses will be available.  It was noted that this should
     be placed back on the agenda for discussion as soon as
     estimates are available.

3.   Consideration of Maine Science and Technology Foundation
     Training and UM Technical Training

          MS&T Memorandum of Agreement with three contractors was
     sent to Board members last week.  Mr. Pierce passed out an
     update to Board.  Intellectual property - revised; instruction materials are copyrighted.  If any one of the
     contractors or MSTF wants to use the materials beyond the scope
     of the contract, sign-offs of other contractors or MSTF is
     necessary.  All Board members agreed that there should be
     additional language making it clear that materials can be used by
     any participants in the Project through the term of the project,
     June 1, 2000.
          Mr. Black suggested adding new paragraph:  "(A) 
     Through 6/1/2000, the information in the materials packet
     shall be available for use by all eligible participants in
     the Maine S & L Project, including trainers, teachers,
     students, librarians and library patrons."  

          Mr. Nichols questioned evaluation requirements. 
     Training participants will have to evaluate program in four
     or five different areas.  Form will be on MSTF Web site.

          Board approved contract for three providers with the
     addition of Mr. Black's new paragraph (A).

          U of M Training -- Linda Lord passed out a sheet
     prepared by Jay Johnson that described the training sessions
     to be held and the cost per session.

          Board agreed that all the information on the UM
     training should be summarized in one document for the
     Board's approval.  Ms. Lord will put together a one-page
     agreement similar to MSTF memorandum  of agreement. 
     Ms. Steneck will fax it to Board members.  A conference call
     will be arranged so Board can discuss and approve the final

4.   Further Discussion of Evaluation Benchmarks and Measurements

          Draft memo to Commission on project evaluation
     discussed.  Mr. Beiser suggested hours of Network connection
     may not be as meaningful as the number of students and
     library patrons using the Network and hours of actual use
     (not simply connection).  It was generally agreed that
     number of users and actual use should be measured probably
     through a survey sampling a typical week.  Focus groups were
     also suggested.  The difficulties in obtaining qualitative
     estimates was discussed.  Mr. Beiser also suggested that
     both the median and average number of computers connected
     per school be reported.  It was also suggested that we
     determine why non-participants are not interested in being
     connected to the network.

          Mr. Palmer raised the issue of the need to have

     benchmarks to measure performance of the system, e.g., are
     speeds fast enough; capacity adequate.  Bill Black suggested
     a subgroup establish several benchmarks for UMO and
     backbone.  Some of these will be in contract between UMO and
     NYNEX.  This issue to be further discussed at the next Board

          The Board agreed that Ms. Steneck should submit the
     memo to Commission for their approval and to explain that
     other recommendations concerning evaluation may be

5.   Newsletter

          Draft Newsletter approved by Board with minor changes
     and corrections.  Nynex will handle mailing of newsletter. 
     It was suggested that the Board may want to produce a
     newsletter quarterly.

6.   Review of AEV Applications

          Ms. Steneck distributed a memo showing status of
     application review.  None of the applicants are in shape yet
     for approval.  Application review subcommittee:  Mr. McCrum,
     Mr. Lindley, Mr. Palmer, Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Gilbert and Ms.
     Steneck.  Ms. Steneck explained that Mr. Lindley and
     Commission staff member Doug Cowie are trying to get
     additional information from applicants as applications come
     in.  The subcommittee has 6 applications under review.  Four
     are awaiting additional information and two are planning to
     resubmit entirely with new information.

7.   OTHER

          Question was brought up about what happens when a
     school newly qualifies as eligible (i.e., becomes state
     approved) or if additional public libraries exist that are
     not on the eligible list.  It was agreed that the Department
     of Education or Maine State Librarian will submit a letter
     to the Chair whenever a new library or school becomes
     eligible.  Any newly eligible sites will be indicated on PUC
     Web site.

          Ms. Steneck distributed a letter she received from
     Marilyn Lutz, Assistant Director for Information Systems,
     University of Maine System.  Ms. Lutz requested a grant of
     $19,092 to match federal money made available through a
     NTIAP grant for the purchase of computers for public
     libraries.  Funds would go to 20 libraries.  The Board
     agreed that the NYNEX/PUC Project computer grant money
     should be awarded under the criteria the Board previously
     agreed to and that it would be unfair to give a computer
     grant to a select number of libraries which, in most
     instances, would not have met our Board criteria for a
     grant.  Mark Tibbetts, who is working on this project for
     the University, explained that the UM grant had been awarded
     before the NYNEX/PUC Project began and that they were
     pursuing all avenues to get matching funds.  The Board
     suggested that he look into the possibility of using NYNEX
     project funding, in general, as the match for their grant.

          It was agreed that no meeting will be held in July and
     the next meeting will be August 7, 1996.