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    School and Library Advisory Board Meeting
                  June 12, 1996

Members Present:    Joanne Steneck, Phil Lindley, Gary Seekins
                    (for Steve Gilbert), Gary Nichols, Linda Lord
                    (for Raymond Poulin) Reggie Palmer, Jim Graul
                    (for Jim McCarthy), Barry McCrum, Bill Black  
1.   Minutes of May 29, 1996

          Minutes accepted.  Future meeting dates
     discussed.  Next meeting to be June 26 at the PUC. 
     July 11 (Thursday), August 7 and September 4 were
     tentatively scheduled as future meeting dates.

2.   Status Report from NYNEX on Applications &
     Installation Progress

          Information passed out by Mr. Henry regarding
     number of installations, sites scheduled for
     installation and sites waiting for loop
     qualification.  As of As of June 11, 1996, 717
     applications have been received.  Six sites were
     installed as of 6/10/96 with approximately 69 in
     the pipeline.
          Computer grants have been approved for 225
     schools and libraries.  NYNEX expects to send
     checks at the end of June.

          Ms. Steneck reported that the Commission has
     approved an extra $50,000 for training.
          Jim Graul asked for clarification of the
     discussion at the last meeting about
     superintendents' offices purchasing frame relay
     service into the School and Library Network. 
     According to Jim, their interest is in
     communication with schools in their district.  It
     was agreed that, at least at this time,
     superintendents' offices would not have access to
     the School and Library Network.  Nothing prohibits
     them from  connecting to their schools through
     means other than the School and Library Network.

          Ms. Steneck suggested that Ms. Lord and Mr.
     Poulin start working on a memo to present to the
     Board in September that provides a rationale for
     why superintendents should be connected to the
     network.  This should also describe how connection
     by municipal offices is the same or different and
     options for charging a fee for network connection
     for entities other than schools or libraries.

          Mr. Palmer requested list of applicants
     sorted by each independent telco's territory. 
     NYNEX will produce list.  Ms. Steneck asked for a
     list of the eligible libraries and schools in each
     independent phone company's service territories. 
     Mr. Palmer will provide this list.

3.   Consideration of Training Bidders Selected by
     Maine Science and Technology Foundation

          MSTF has selected three bidders to provide
     training:  University of Southern Maine,
     University of Maine Orono and Northern Maine
     Technical College.  USM will cover Androscoggin,
     Cumberland and York counties (320 sites - 720
     trainees); NMTC will cover Aroostook County and
     parts of Washington and Penobscot counties (146
     sites - 292 trainees); UMO will cover the
     remainder of the State (633 sites - 1,266
     trainees).  UMO and USM propose to do the training
     for $170 per trainee and NMTC for $213 per
     trainee.  MSTF also plans to manage a website that
     will provide assistance to those on the network. 
     MSTF has budgeted an additional $25,000 for this
     site and $75,000 for administering the program. 
     MSTF did not have contracts or contract term
     sheets prepared for the Board's approval.

          John Pierce, the project manager for MSTF,
     explained that all three trainers will use the
     same printed materials.  These materials have
     already been developed and are in the public

          The training program will start in mid-August
     and run for one year; 2 days of initial training
     and one day of follow-up at the school or library
     site.  To be scheduled as close to connection to
     the network as possible.  MSTF will report to the
     Advisory Board on a quarterly basis on the status
     of training.  Evaluation process will be made part
     of vendor contracts.  

          The Advisory Board requested contracts to be
     submitted for approval at June 26th meeting.  MSTF
     will provide copies to Advisory Board members by
     the June 24 meeting.  Jay Johnson will also
     provide a written description of the terms of the
     $50,000 technical training for approval at the
     June 26 meeting.

5.   Further Discussion of Evaluation Benchmarks and

          Ms. Steneck passed out a draft memo to the
     Commission describing possible evaluation
     criteria, primarily based on the requirements of
     L.D. 828.  It was agreed to discuss this memo at
     the next meeting.

6.   Review of AEV Applications

          The subcommittee has begun to review AEV
     applications but 7 applications received so far
     required further information, so none are ready to
     be approved by Board or recommended to the
     Commission for approval.

7.   Newsletter

          Ms. Steneck will work on redraft with Mr.
     Beiser and present it on 6/26.  Will try to keep
     it to three pages for ease in mailing.  It was
     suggested that any Board members E-mail items for
     newsletter to Ms. Steneck or Mr. Beiser so they
     can be put in redraft for next meeting.

8.   Other

          Mr. Nichols asked NYNEX to provide budget
     numbers for the project and spending to date. 
     NYNEX will provide the information at the next