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Minutes School and Library Network Advisory Board Meeting May 15, 1996
Members Present: Joanne Steneck, Doug Cowie (for Phil Lindley), Bill Black (and Wayne Jortner), James McCarthy, Raymond Poulin, Barry McCrum, Stephen Gilbert, Reginald Palmer, Karl Beiser (for Gary Nichols) 1. Minutes of 5/1/96 meeting accepted with no changes. Ms. Steneck mentioned that Jean Pernice had offered Mt. View High School as a Board meeting site so that the Board could view their system. Suggested that this could be a field trip for interested Board members rather than meeting. She will discuss further with Ms. Pernice and report back at next meeting. 2. Report on Commission's Deliberations The Commission agreed with Board's recommendations in May 2, 1996 memo. An order was issued on May 15, 1996. 3. Status of calls, applications, etc. Mr. McCarthy reported as of 5/14 454 applications received - 289 schools, 165 libraries; computer grant requests to date - 183. He passed out a statistics report. Members discussed additional information to be included in this report. A breakdown of number of districts and individual schools applying for AEV to be presented at next Board meeting. Total and type of package chosen should be broken down by schools and libraries. Already 60 forms requesting AEV. Board to look at requests and forward recommendations to Commissioners. Draft letter and AEV application will be finalized this week and sent by Ms. Steneck, on behalf of the Board, to those indicating an interest in AEV. Mr. McCarthy also reported that verification calls to applicants will be very important so people will understand exactly what they're getting and what choices have to be made. Ten or twelve sites will be ready for installation in June. NYNEX is now keeping up with calls on the 1-800 number. Number of calls reduced since NYNEX began sending a confirmation post card on receipt of applications. PUC Website listing those schools or libraries that indicated they wanted information from AEV providers should be ready beginning Friday, May 17. Further database discussion moved to next meeting. 4. Routers v. FRADS Mr. Jortner distributed information sheet comparing four models and prices. He indicated that most people he spoke with favored routers if costs similar. The dial-in feature important -- Cisco router has no dial-in capabilities (until new model released in October of '96). The higher-priced FRAD includes 4 dial-in ports. In general, the price difference appears to be in $80 range. Ms. Steneck indicated her understanding that the Commission expected the dial-in feature to be an available option and that costs for extra lines and call charges to be borne by user. Everyone agreed explanations of choices of options should be made clear so people understand exactly what they are getting. It was agreed that FRADs would remain the standard offering with individual schools and libraries having the option to receive $1060 credit to purchase a router. The University had asked that there be uniformity in the type of equipment installed. It was agreed since Cisco routers are already being used in the network that those opting for a router will be directed to purchase a Cisco router. NYNEX will prepare an information sheet explaining the FRAD/Router and dial-in option and provide a draft for the next meeting. 5. AEV Applications Ms. Steneck passed draft letter and application to be sent to those requesting AEV. Review process -- a subgroup will review them and make recommendations to the Board. Mr. Gilbert, Mr. McCrum, Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Palmer and Ms. Steneck will review applications. 6. Technical Training Subgroup continues to work on a proposal for technical training. Current plans are for two day-long sessions; one session for Mac users and one session for PC users. Sessions in July, August and September, 12 per month, three levels for level 1 & 2. Level 1 - up to 40 people - software level; Level 2 - 25 people, 1 person per computer - service level. A proposed budget should be available for the next meeting. Board will likely need to request additional funding from Commission. Cost will be substantially less than for the user training workshops. 7. Evaluation Mr. Poulin asked what the Board and Commission are looking for in terms of evaluation. Under L.D. 828 Commission must file a report to Legislature by 2/97 showing number of libraries & schools participating, geographic distribution, hours of usage and money spent. Discussion as to whether hours could be tracked centrally at the University. Sampling approach was suggested - request libraries and schools to participate in statistics gathering. It was pointed out that the agreement to be signed upon accepting service will require schools and libraries agree to cooperate in data collection. Mr. McCarthy will provide information on what quantitative data NYNEX and the University can provide at next meeting. Ideas on how to obtain qualitative measures to be presented at next meeting. Mr. Poulin will further consult with the University research unit. 8. A newsletter/fact sheet of what Board is doing and to answer frequently asked questions was suggested by Mr. Gilbert. Idea received very well by Board. NYNEX will gather questions and develop material for newsletter. Board members to discuss further and gather questions for the next meeting. 9. Ms. Steneck passed out draft form for acceptance for service provided under School and Library Network. Everyone agreed the form was appropriate and NYNEX will use. List of those approved for computer grants will be discussed at next meeting. Ms. Steneck discussed some of the problem applications being received. This includes libraries already having a powerful computer for cataloging and/or circulation which is not available for network use. It was agreed that the Board had previously decided such libraries are ineligible because if an institution has at least one computer with sufficient capacity, it is ineligible. It was pointed out that libraries may be able to receive grant money for additional computers if the June bond issue is passed. 10. Other How NYNEX will disburse monies for AEV and computers was discussed. NYNEX will present its plan at next meeting. NYNEX is holding three sessions for schools & libraries describing ATM next week in Presque Isle, Augusta and Portland. MEETING ADJOURNED AT 3:25 P.M.