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Maine Telecommunications Education Access Fund
Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes for May 15, 2002


Members Present:             Phil Lindley, Joanne Steneck, Bill Black, Linda Lord for Gary Nichols, Greg Scott, Barry Crommett, Gerry Dube, Scott Thibeau, Reginald Palmer


Members Absent:            Barry McCrum


  1. Approval of Minutes from April 10, 2002, meeting, as amended.


  1. Status of Connections.  Barry Crommett reported that standard 56 connections decreased to 491.  T-1 connections are up to 428 and ATM is the same at 66 (including shared sites).  Barry also reported that the connection problems at the Portland Public Library must be over, at least for the MSLN, as he has not been contacted by the PPL with further concerns.


  1. Status of Internet Service and Filtering.  Gerry Dube reported that the UNET/MSLN network is “running well.”  Congestion in Boston last month caused had a short-term impact.  The MSLN is “running” at 50-54 mbps on two T-3s, with another T-3 to be added.  Gerry expressed some concern about billing and delays in E-Rate funding.  The Board agreed that he should submit discounted bills as needed.  He also reported that they continue to evaluate filtering products, having narrowed the choice to two products.  The goal of a filtering product is effective distributed management, i.e. local control with no affect on bandwidth.  Pricing estimates are $2.50-3 per machine per year, for 50 to 70 thousand machines.  Gerry will report to the Board in about three weeks regarding which product he will recommend.

    Regarding UNET’s proposal for email to students and library patrons, Gerry said that UNET would support individual schools and libraries in assigning email addresses as needed.  Each site will determine who will get email addresses.  Centralized email though UNET will allow the messages to be scanned for viruses which is safer for the network than Hotmail or Yahoo accounts.  The Board also discussed the need for “Acceptable Use Policies” or AUPs regarding both email and file downloading.  Jeff Letourneau stated that most sites have some sort of AUP.


  1. Federal E-Rate Status.  Edna Comstock reported that there was no definitive answer yet regarding the Maine consortium application.  Year 5 wave announcement to be made soon and the year 6 applications have started.  Regarding CIPA, the Board decided that funding for filtering would be available for any site wanting filters whether or not CIPA is upheld, at least for 2002/2003.


  1. Innovative and Technologically Advanced Grant Program.  Linda Lord said that grant recipients would submit progress reports in six months and one at the end of each project.  The funds will be dispersed in lump sums.


  1. Other


·        The Board discussed how some MSLN sites might be maintaining their MSLN connection solely for the available web space while using other entities for transport and ISP service, such as cable TV companies.  These sites have no traffic over the MSLN.  The MTEAF pays for the transport and ISP service at a much higher level that web space may cost from the actual provider.  A possible solution would be to provide AEV funding to cover the web space.  This will be discussed at a future board meeting.


·        Next MSLN Advisory Board Meeting – June 26, 2002, 9:30AM, Conf. Room C.  Note time – morning meeting.