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  School and Library Network Advisory Board Meeting
                     May 1, 1996

     Members Present:  Joanne Steneck, Phil Lindley,
Barry McCrum, James McCarthy, Reginald Palmer, David
Irvin (for Stephen Gilbert), Bill Black, Linda Lord
(for Raymond Poulin), Gary Nichols (Glenna Nowell for
Gary Nichols - second half of meeting)

1.   Minutes of 4/17 meeting approved.
     New Business:  Mr. McCarthy introduced Art Henry
     as the Project Manager recently hired by NYNEX. 
     Mr. Henry was formerly the Director of the State
     Information Services and Telecommunications.  Mr.
     Henry stated he was very excited about the impact
     of the program, getting things done, and working
     with everyone.

          Linda Lord reported that 109 people attended
     Presque Isle Training held 4/30/96; session went
     very well.  Total of 1,000+ people attended all
     three training sites.

2.   Update Application Process

          Mr. McCarthy described the responses to date. 
     So far (by 4/30) 201 total responses; 149 choosing
     Option 1, 16 choosing Option 2, 22 choosing Option
     3 (AEV) and 1 responded with a no thank you.  In
     addition, there were 12 requests for computer
     grants.  NYNEX has been inundated with questions
     regarding the program.  NYNEX expects to be caught
     up within days as far as answering questions and
     processing responses.

          Mr. McCarthy presented a flow chart
     representing how NYNEX will process applications
     and coordinate installation.  This document will
     be evolving as the details of the process continue
     to be worked out.

          A request was made by Mr. Nichols for a
     listing of applications for the Board.  The agreed
     upon process was that NYNEX would forward copies
     of the applications to the State Library or DOE,
     as appropriate.

          Mr. McCarthy discussed getting a database on
     line so that Board members would have access to
     information about application process.

          NYNEX agreed to forward computer applications
     and requests for AEVs to Ms. Steneck.

3.   Pricing of Alternative Equivalent Value (AEV);
     Upgrades from 56 kpbs

          Ms. Steneck passed out draft memo with 5
     items related to implementing the program.  She
     suggested the Board decide whether to send the
     memo to Commission for approval/review at their
     Deliberative Session on May 13th.  Board members
     or interested parties with differing views could
     file comments by May 8.  The Board agreed to this
          Ms. Steneck reported that the group of Rob
     Roy, Phil Lindley, Reggie Palmer, Bruce Larsen and
     two PUC staff members met and discussed the
     pricing of AEV.  The memo reflects the staff's
     position that the AEV should be based on NYNEX or
     the independent telephone companies' actual "out-of-pocket" cost of installing the 56 kbps package
     at a location.  In the majority of sites in
     NYNEX's service territory, this is likely to be in
     the $42/month range.  Price will be site specific. 

          Mr. Roy described the cable companies' view
     that the equivalent value should represent the
     value of the service rather than the cost.  In his
     opinion, this would be something closer to the
     current best tariff rate of $232.       
          Mr. Palmer stated that the independent
     telephone companies would rather see an average
     incremental cost figure as opposed to out-of-pocket costs.  He said TAM would seek further
     clarification from the Commission in their
     comments.  In response to a question from Mr.
     Mr. Palmer stated that the independent telephone
     companies remain committed to the school and
     library project.

          Voting members agreed on the following
     contents of the memo:  (1) Part I of memo with AEV
     based out-of-pocket costs.  (2) Part II, option to
     change choice during program either way with any
     non-recoverable costs reducing future credits. 
     (3) Part III, those wanting higher than 56 speed
     can use AEVS.  NYNEX and independents are not
     limited to tariffed rate.  Four voted yes - Bill
     Black voted against.

          The Board also approved asking the Commission
     to approve giving schools and libraries option of
     having AEV awarded in a lump sum rather than
     allocated over 48 months. 

          Ms. Steneck said she would put the memo with
     these agreed upon revisions on the PUC's Website
     and invite comments from any interested persons by
     May 8.

4.   FRADS and Routers

          The subgroup assigned to this topic did not
     meet over the past two weeks.  Mr. Jortner stated
     that if the costs are comparable and routers offer

     more features, routers should be the standard
     offering rather than FRADs.  He suggested a mini-RFP process for competitive bidding to settle the

          Jim McCarthy said NYNEX has already ordered
     200 FRADs as a result of the Commission order and
     approval of outline.  NYNEX continues to support
     giving those schools desiring a router a credit
     for the value of a FRAD with the library or school
     paying the difference.  The school or library
     would arrange installation.

          Lengthy discussion about pros and cons of
     FRADS and routers took place.  

          Ms. Steneck suggested that the subgroup bring
     this matter back to the next meeting.  She
     suggested the group return with information that:
     (1) compares equipment features, (2) describes
     advantages/disadvantages of each option and
     various features, (3) lists cost of equipment
     (including breakdown for various options), (4)
     lists cost of installation, (5) anything else that
     could impact choice (i.e., signed contracts,
     availability of equipment, etc.).  Rather than
     have vendors present, group should gather
     information from vendors.

          Memo will go to Commission without FRAD and
     Router item.

5.   Forms

          The application form for AEV has been
     finalized; relatively the same as one passed out
     previously.  Forms will not be sent to schools and
     libraries that indicated an interest in AEV until
     after the Commission's May 13 decision.  

          Board discussed what should be included on
     the form that libraries and schools will sign upon
     accepting network services.  The acceptance form
     should include:  at least one computer to be
     available at no charge for use by students or
     library patrons; the network connection is only
     for schools and libraries; call-in feature to be
     used only by staff and "special needs" kids; no
     resale or call-in for fee.  It was agreed that Ms.
     Steneck will continue to work with NYNEX on a
     draft form.

6. Additional Training

          A subgroup consisting of Linda Lord, Jay
     Johnson, Jim McCarthy, Karl Beiser met and are
     working on plan to provide training to technical
     coordinators and building liaisons.

          Board approved group going ahead and
     finalizing needs and costs, to be presented at
     next meeting.

10.  Evaluation - tabled