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Minutes of the April 17, 1996 meeting of the
School and Library Network Advisory Board

Members Present:  Joanne Steneck, Phil Lindley,
Linda Lord (for R. Poulin), Gary Nichols, Barry
McCrum, Reginald Palmer, Bruce Larsen (for J.
McCarthy), Wayne Jortner (for W. Black)  Absent: 
Stephen Gilbert

                     - - - - -          

1.   Minutes of 4/3/96 meeting approved with no
     changes.  No old business.

2.   Training Sessions Report
          The packet of materials distributed at
     the Technology Planning Workshops was passed
     out.  368 attended in Ellsworth, 410 attended
     in Portland.  Presque Isle session changed to
     4/30; +100 signed up so far.

          Reviews of training positive; people
     very appreciative.  Ms. Steneck queried
     mailing materials to people who missed
     workshops - if it would be of benefit.  NYNEX
     will mail packets to those with inquiries
     about preparing for the network connection.

          It was suggested another round of
     workshops be held in 4 to 6 months.   It was
     also suggested that schools and libraries be
     required to sign a contract or statement of
     understanding upon connection of service. 
     Further discussion of this matter at next

3.   Pricing of Equivalent Value Services

          Interpretation of Commission's order
     should be resolved.  Methodology should be
     developed and presented to the Board for its
     approval.  Method needed within two weeks
     which will then go to the Commission for its
     approval.  The same method will be used for
     costing out EVS as will be used for
     calculating spending toward the $4 million.

          Mr. Larsen stated that following
     discussion with the Commission staff, his
     interpretation of order was to cover
     incremental costs.  $70 to $100 for 40-mile
     circuit; could be as low as $30 and as high
     as $200 per month.  98% of all locations
     possibly in $35 to $40 per month range.

          A sub-group will meet and bring
     something definite back to the next meeting. 
     Mr. McCrum, Mr. Lindley, Mr. Palmer and Mr.
     Larsen agreed to be in this group.

4.   Other Equipment Substitutions
          Routers being substituted for FRADs was
     discussed.  NYNEX feels customer should pay
     the difference if this choice is made.  Ms.
     Steneck's concern is if substituting is
     started, it goes against the intent of this
     program.  If the prices were the same, no
     problem.  If it is a security difference, it
     is worth it.  

          Security will be major issue on network. 
     Routers are better than FRADs in security

          Board to revisit question of routers
     versus FRADs and price differences.  Mr.
     Graul from NYNEX, Mr. Jortner, Karl Beiser
     and Gerry Dubay to consider
     advantages/disadvantages, costs, question of
     more network requirement, security issues,
     timing, impact and band width optimization
     and report back with a recommendation at next

          The issue was raised of whether schools
     and libraries should have the additional
     option of taking a T-1 connection for a group
     of schools being networked rather than 56KP
     lines for each location.  Another sub-group
     will explore this topic and report back at
     the next meeting.  The group will include 
     Mr. Black, Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Palmer, Ms.
     Steneck and Bob Roy (for NECTA).  

5.   Help Desk
          Susan Winch of the Scarborough Library
     discussed implementation as a NYNEX test
     site.  An area not covered in the proposed
     training is support for configuration of
     software to work properly.  She feels help
     desk support is more important than end user

          She endorses another tier of training
     concurrent with training of trainers that
     covers technical aspect of software.  Getting
     applications working together very important
     but it does cost money.  Two levels of
     knowledge is critical.

          On the table:  The help desk issue and
     supplemental training for technical
     coordinators.  The training cap in the Order
     may need to be changed to higher amount. 
     Costs need to be firmed up so the Board knows
     how much of the $4 million ($20 million) will
     likely be spent.

          Mr. Larsen stated training costs could
     probably be doubled with no problems.

          Supplemental training -- how much is
     enough?  One day?  Technical site management? 
     Training for people with some experience
     should be addressed.
          Karl Beiser, Linda Lord, Ray Poulin, Jim
     McCarthy and Gary Nichols will meet to
     redefine Karl's draft proposal (for a help
     desk for libraries) and present it at next

     meeting.  This should cover help desk;
     additional site coordinator training;
     hardware installation training; and separate
     prices for each part of the proposal.

6.   Other

          At next meeting, NYNEX will report on
     number of applications received and summary
     of questions asked.  All computer application
     forms to go to NYNEX and then to 
     Ms. Steneck at the PUC.  After 5/15 computer
     applications will be reviewed. Ms. Steneck
     will present to the Board for approval of

          It was agreed that a flow chart would be
     useful on how NYNEX will handle applications,
     including requests for alternative services.

          Concern expressed again that the
     $500,000 for computers may be inadequate
     based on results of Linda Lord's survey.  The
     number of requests for computers versus
     upgrades is still not known but there should
     be some numbers by next meeting.

          Next meeting scheduled for May 1 at 1:00
     p.m. in the Commission's Hearing Room.