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Maine Telecommunications Education Access Fund
Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes for April 10, 2002


Members Present:             Phil Lindley, Joanne Steneck, Bill Black, Linda Lord (for Gary Nichols), Greg Scott, Barry Crommett, Jeff Letourneau (for Gerry Dube), Scott Thibeau


Members Absent:            Barry McCrum, Reginald Palmer


  1. Approval of Minutes from February 27, 2002, meeting.


  1. Circuit Riders – Update of Activities.  George Lyons and Janet Harmon provided a report regarding the Circuit Riders’ activities since July 2001.  The CRs provide technical support for all the MSLN sites, with more of the onsite visits going to libraries.  The report shows that there continues to be a need for personal technical support for the MSLN sites and that the need not only evolves as the technology changes but because of personnel changes, especially at small libraries, require ongoing attention from the CRs at this time.  The MLTE program is not expected to affect the CR workload.


  1. Status of Connections.  Barry Crommett reported that standard 56 connections are the same as the last report at 507.  T-1 connections are up to 424.  ATM is up to 66 (including shared sites).  Barry also reported on the connection problems at the Portland Public Library and that most of the problems have been identified and cured.  He stated that the problem of the CIR “cap” for the PPL may have contributed, but that it was immediately changed to the standard network management setting for T-1s, which allows the PPL to “burst” to the full bandwidth available.


  1. Status of Internet Service.  Jeff Letourneau, UNET, reported that they are continuing to evaluate filtering products.  One of the main goals of a filtering product is effective distributed management, i.e. local control.  Pricing estimates are $2-3 per machine per year, for 50 to 70 thousand machines.  The Board agreed that UNET should operate under the assumption that CIPA will go into effect and that the MTEAF would pay for the filtering for all schools and libraries, at least for 2002-2003.  UNET will be able to implement some filtering for libraries by this summer.  Jeff also reported that all outgoing MSLN email is now scanned from viruses.


  1. Federal E-Rate Status.  Linda Lord and Edna Comstock reported that of the 1,025 sites in the consortium, 13 still have minor problems.  Linda said that she expected a funding commitment would be made Friday, 4/12.  Information received after the meeting indicated that the application had received “almost final” approval.


  1. Innovative and Technologically Advanced Grant Program.  Linda Lord and the ITA grant committee recommended the top three grant proposals be approved and funded by the MTEAF.  The three proposals are: MSAD #4, $300,000; MSAD #59, $81,858; Maine State Library, $120,000.  The total requested and approved by the Board is $501,858, slightly more than originally proposed and above the amount allotted to the ITA program.  The ITA grant committee recommended to the Board, who agreed, that $500,000 would be funded this year.  Subsequent programs will have to reflect the actual 25% share of the MTEAF assessment.  The Board  recommended that the Commission consider funding the three proposals at its next deliberative session, April 25, 2002.


  1. MSLN Annual Order.  The Board will recommend to the Commission that the MSLN continue essentially unchanged (for July 2002 - June 2003), to include:


·        Recommend the ITA grants be funded.


·        The funding for payment of $100 to libraries (replacing the $12 phone lines) will not be continued, the Board agreed that it was a “one-time” outlay.


·        Filtering will be funded, at least for one year.


·        Replacing defective FRADs with routers will continue to be funded one more year.


·        Email for students will be allowed, proposed by UNET in contract.


  1. Other


·        Next MSLN Advisory Board Meeting – May 15, 2002, 9:30AM, Conf. Room C.  Note time – morning meeting.