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School & Library Network Advisory Board Meeting
April 9, 1997

Members Present: Bill Black, Tom Romano, Gary Nichols, Raymond Poulin, Barry McCrum, Joanne Steneck

Members Absent: Reginald Palmer, Stephen Gilbert, Phil Lindley

1. Approval of Minutes of February 26, 1997 Meeting. Minutes were approved.

2. Report from NYNEX on Applications and Installations. As of April 7, NYNEX had received 1,078 applications from 1,141 schools and libraries originally eligible under the program. So far, 17 "additional" libraries and 11 alternative schools have been certified as eligible. Art Henry will provide an update at the next meeting on how much money has been awarded for computer grants. Current estimate is approximately $430,000 of $500,000 available has been spent.

3. Results of Informal Survey of Libraries. Gary Nichols distributed a summary of a written survey he sent to 100 libraries connected to the Network. 70 responded. Overall response is positive. Seventy percent of those responding had only one computer connected. Some smaller libraries still have problems finding capable people to fulfill the technical coordinator role. There also is an increasing demand for more training in library-oriented research skills. Gary said the annual library meeting in May will include a number of such training sessions.

4. Results of NYNEX Customer Satisfaction Survey. Art Henry reported that NYNEX is calling all sites in the order they were connected to the Network. As of April 8, 1997, 233 had been called. Overall response is positive. Art said they also will be calling all AEV sites.

5. Discussion of Formal Survey. It was agreed that a formal survey of connected sites will be conducted in early October to be completed by the second week in November (after school opens but before the holidays). Libraries may be surveyed earlier. Everyone agree to bring five questions to the next meeting of areas they want included in the survey. Further discussion will be had on how the survey will be administered (e-mail, phone, mail), to whom (technical coordinator, principal) and whether all sites will be surveyed or just a sample.

6. E-Mail Addresses All Sites. Art distributed a draft letter to be sent to all sites explaining the e-mail address assignment. It was agreed that Art should mail this letter to all school principals and librarians by April 18, 1997.

7. Training Status. 852 sites have received End User Training and 533 Technical Coordinator Training. It was noted that contracted training is due to end by June 30, 1997.

The next meeting will be held on June 4 from 1-4 p.m. at the Department of Education, First Floor Conference Room and will include an ATM demonstration.