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Schools and Libraries Advisory Board
March 27, 1996

Members Present: Joanne Steneck, Phil Lindley, Barry McCrum, James McCarthy, Raymond Poulin, Gary Nichols, Stephen Gilbert, Bill Black and Reggie Palmer

1. Minutes of March 20, 1996, meeting approved with no additions or changes.

2. Mr. McCarthy discussed the shared backbone tier services. This includes network monitoring, Internet access and help desk which is now being referred to as "technical support services." He stated that these services were consistent with the understandings reached last summer, that libraries and schools would initially direct user problems through school district technical coordinators or other local designees with the so-called help desk function being communications limited to community from the technical coordinator and a limited number of designated other personnel on system-type problems. He said NYNEX was open to changes if this is what the Board desired.

3. Computer Eligibility
4. Break

5. Review Implementation Plan

6. Evaluation

7. Material passed out: draft grant application, access tier selection form, alternative equivalent value services; and draft cover letter. These materials will be discussed at the next meeting and mailed to libraries and schools around April 3 if possible.

8. NYNEX agreed to present further information at the next meeting about the range of likely values for those choosing alternative value service. Mr. Larsen, of NYNEX, explained that NYNEX is still working with the independent telephone companies to cost out the value of their services.