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Minutes of the March 6, 1996, meeting of the Schools and
Libraries Advisory Board

Members present: Joanne Steneck, Bill Black, Barry McCrum, James McCarthy, David Irvin (for Stephen Gilbert), Raymond Poulin and Gary Nichols

1. Minutes of 2/28/96 meeting accepted.

2. Jean Gulliver, Chair, and Henry Amaroso, Vice-Chair, of Maine Internet Education Consortium, gave presentation/ outline of their proposed training needs and delivery proposal. They explained the consortium and its purposes. Stated it is not a service in and of itself; is a non-profit organization.

Their current plan calls for $500,000, to be used for 12 consultants, divided into three teams. This will allow training for half the eligible schools in Year 1. An additional $500,000 would be required in Year 2 to train the remaining schools and libraries. They plan to use an RFP process to select consultants to provide the training. A draft RFP will be presented at the next meeting. An RFI was distributed last fall with 25 vendors replying.

The DOE is developing guidelines for distribution of $450,000 to be used for planning. These monies allocated from DOE, not from NYNEX. 3. Training discussion

There was consensus among board members present that MEIC coordinate the training effort. MEIC agreed to provide a two-page description of the proposed training and breakdown of cost at the next meeting. The Board expects to send proposed training procedures to the Commission by March 25.

Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Black agreed to assist MEIC in preparing the description. A draft will be sent to the panel at least two days before the next meeting.

4. Re: Computer needs

Mr. McCarthy discussed hardware needs and distributed minimum "useable" computer requirements. Questions were raised about whether 4 MB RAM was really "useable" particularly for NETScape application situations. Upgrades, trade-ins, etc., also discussed. It was agreed to further discuss this at the next meeting and Linda Lord will attempt to get more information on the needs of libraries.

5. Implementation Plan

Preliminary outline was passed out and information packet contents discussed. It was agreed that the mailing describing the program and application/check-off sheet will be sent to school principals, library directors and boards of trustees of libraries. Ray Poulin suggested applications be returned to DOE and the State Library and they will forward results to NYNEX. Mr. McCarthy discussed trial sites, wiring plan, physical needs, connectivity and contact person. Mr. McCarthy suggested middle of May as starting time with 3/4 of work done by the end of the year and remainder finished in the first quarter of '97. It was agreed that the group would work on a revised plan with more details for the next meeting.

6. Evaluation design

Dr. Walter McIntire, U. of M., and David Silvernail,
U.S.M. gave presentation of draft evaluation plan.

Ms. Steneck stated $250,000 would probably not be
accepted by Commission; but some evaluation is necessary because of legislative interest.

Mr. Nichols & Mr. Poulin to come back with a revised proposal for evaluation. Will work with Dr. McIntire and Mr. Silvernail in preparation.

7. Other Business

Amount of mailings. Ray Poulin raised a concern about the cost to DOE of mailings. It was agreed that the major mailing to all libraries and schools describing the program and providing application could come out of the NYNEX fund. We will ask the Commission for permission as part of implementation plan.

Ray Poulin raised the issue of eligibility for alternative education schools that are associated with districts yet housed in separate buildings. He will provide a list of such alternative schools to be discussed at the next meeting.

The next meeting will be March 20, 1996, at the Maine State Library at 1:00 P.M.