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Maine Telecommunications Education Access Fund
Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes for March 6, 2003


Members Present:             Phil Lindley, Joanne Steneck, Bill Black, Gary Nichols, Greg Scott, Barry Crommett, Gerry Dube, Scott Thibeau, Lisa Simonds for Melinda Poore


Members Absent:            Reginald Palmer


  1. Approval of Minutes from January 15, 2003, meeting.


  1. Status of Connections.  Barry Crommett reported that there are 422 installed standard 56 kbps connections, 447 installed T-1 connections (plus unknown number of additional shared sites), and 83 installed ATM circuits that serve 123 sites (992 total sites).  Two more ATM connections are to be installed (Vinalhaven and Winthrop), totaling 85.  The Cushing Community School 56kbps connection will be upgraded to T-1 at their request because of the new school building and increased computers.
  2. Status of Internet Service and Filtering.  UNET is increasing bandwidth to access the Internet and to improve redundancy as well – there will be two OC-3 “pipes” to Boston.  The latency issue continues to be a concern with sporadic problems.  The Internet filtering requirements add to the problem.  The P2P issue is being handled by traffic shaping software, which helps control bandwidth use.  Problems reported at ATM sites are being tested and monitored.  UNET will continue to work with the sites as some of the problem could be internal (firewalls, wiring, etc.).


3A.  Presentation/request by Jim Chasse, Director of Technology, MSAD 23/38.
     Jim Chasse would like to increase the bandwidth at the Carmel elementary school from T-1 to T-3.  His other three schools will continue with T-1s.  His plan is to use the MSLN connections to "connect" the three back to Carmel and provide a variety of video, data storage, curriculum tools, email, and file server capabilities.  He has grant funding of about $180,000.  The Board discussed providing the Alternative Equivalent Value (AEV) of the T-1 ($217 per month), which Jim could then apply toward the purchase of a T-3 under Verizon’s ATM contract available to schools.  A draft recommendation will be circulated to the board.

  1. Federal E-Rate Status.  No news on the 2002 application.  Gary Nichols and Linda Lord will be in Washington DC to discuss the appeal with the Maine delegation.  The Year 2003 application “passed.”  Ninety-five percent was done electronically.  It will probably be late May before we know about the award. 
    DOE will start on the new RFPs for the transport and ISP contracts


  1. ITA Grants.  Linda will invite Madison and Guilford to the next MTEAF meeting to discuss their projects.  The Maine State Library project is on hold.

  2. Technological Needs Survey.  Gary briefly discussed the survey results, which show what public libraries are doing with technology.


  1. Other


·        MTEAF financial reports were distributed.

·        DOE will contact delinquent ATM site for their reimbursement applications.

·        Next MSLN Advisory Board Meeting – April 17, 2003, at 9:30PM, PUC Conf. Room C.