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JANUARY 15, 1997


Members Present: Bill Black, Barry Crommett (for Tom Romano), Phil Lindley,
Stephen Gilbert, Gary Nichols, Reginald Palmer, Raymond
Poulin and Joanne Steneck

Absent: Barry McCrum

1. Approval of Minutes of December 11, 1996 Meeting. Minutes were approved.

2. Report from NYNEX on Applications and Installations. Art Henry reported 1,032 applications (out of 1,141 eligible schools and libraries) had been received as of January 14, 1997. 526 installations were complete and 59 AEV payments made.

Karl Beiser reported on his continuing follow-up efforts with libraries that have not yet applied. Karl found 16 libraries that do not intend to participate in the project. He expects there are an additional 13 that may not participate. The reason these libraries will not participate include open limited hours; another library exists nearby that will be connected; and only open in summer.

Art Henry reported that NYNEX will be calling all connected sites to verify connection and check on any problems. Art will get a list from John Pierce and Jay Johnson on sites that have received training. If they have not been trained, they will be asked about this. If the connection is not yet in use by library patrons or students, Art will obtain information on why not and their intentions for use.

Jay Johnson stated that there has been a recent increase in the number of calls to the Orono Center. They are currently trying to analyze the cause of the calls. The Board asked Jay to find out if those calling had received training. Also, he will make sure that his people have a list of technical coordinators to ensure that callers are technical coordinators or that callers are referred to their local technical coordinators. It was agreed that more information is needed on the nature of these calls before any decisions can be made of the need for additional training or help desk, etc. Jay will report back on this.

Joanne Steneck reported that the Commission approved the Board's
recommendation that additional libraries be eligible for computer grants.

3. Publicity Efforts. Ray Poulin reported that Governor King's visit to Mt. View High School was a success. The Governor communicated with seven schools and two libraries. Articles appeared in the Waterville Sentinel, Lewiston Sun Journal (cover story), and the Portland Press Herald. Articles are expected in some of the regional papers later in the week. Television coverage appeared on Channels 2, 5, 6 and 13. Special recognition was given to Linda Lord for her efforts in coordinating the event.

It was agreed that future publicity will be appropriate particularly when all schools and libraries are connected in June. Jay Johnson noted that his recent search of state web sites indicates that Maine will be the first state to connect all schools and libraries. Jay distributed a memo summarizing his review.

4. Eligibility of Proprietary College Libraries. Gary Nichols asked that this item
be tabled until the next meeting.

5. Status of County Law Libraries. Concern was expressed at the last meeting that some county law libraries did not have either personnel or systems in place to handle a connection to the Network. Karl Beiser spoke with Judy Bennett who will be coordinating access for all the county law libraries. Karl received assurances that systems will be in place so that access is available at all sites.

6. Preliminary Planning for Formal Survey. Joanne Steneck reported that planning needs to begin on what information we want to gather from a survey of connected sites. The survey will probably need to occur in May in order to reach schools before summer vacation.

7. Training Status. John Pierce reported that 800 individuals have received basic user training. Jay Johnson reported that of the 93 sites to be connected in the next 30 days, 61 have received training and five have had training waived. Ms. Steneck asked for a list at the next meeting, indicating which sites have received technical coordinator and end-user training.

8. E-Mail Addresses for All Sites. Art Henry said he and Jay Johnson would be meeting about this on January 17, 1997 and asked to table discussion until the next meeting.

9. Alternative Schools. Linda Lord's research shows there are 73 alternative programs and that 23 are located in separate buildings apart from the school. After discussion, the Board voted to ask the Commission to consider these additional 23 sites as eligible for a connection and computer grants. Alternative programs located within schools will have access through the school's connection.

The next meeting will be held on February 26, 1997 at 1:00 p.m. in the Commission's Hearing Room. Note: The agenda for February 26 will be distributed closer to the date of the meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.