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Maine Telecommunications Education Access Fund
Advisory Board

Meeting Minutes for January 15, 2003


Members Present:             Phil Lindley, Joanne Steneck, Bill Black, Gary Nichols, Greg Scott, Barry Crommett, Gerry Dube, Reginald Palmer, Scott Thibeau, Melinda Poore


Members Absent:           


  1. Approval of Minutes from November 20, 2002, meeting.


  1. Status of Connections.  Barry Crommett reported that there are 421 installed standard 56 kbps connections, 442 installed T-1 connections (plus unknown number of additional shared sites), and 78 installed ATM circuits that serve 123 sites.  For a total of 986 sites.  Four more ATM connections are being installed with three more by the end of March, totaling 85.

    Bill Staszko is filling in for Linda Early (878-4226).
  2. Status of Internet Service and Filtering.  Gerry Dube discussed upgrades to the UNET system – three OC3s (155 Mbps) are being installed, two to Boston (one direct from Orono) and one to Portland.  This is the biggest increase in bandwidth and provides over 100 times the bandwidth at the start of the MSLN.  MSLN uses about half the current bandwidth – about 60Mbps, the University and State use the other half.  Gerry also said that much of the latency issue is being handled by traffic shaping software which helps control bandwidth use. 

    UNET is communicating with the TCs more quickly about network problems, sometimes reporting on cures before the TCs know there is a problem.

    UNET has about completed the application for MSLN and public libraries to have access to Internet 2, the higher-bandwidth academic network.

    Filtering update:  It is doing what it is supposed to do, not all sites are “pleased” with the results.  70% exercise local control, but the message does not always reach the “edges.”
  3. Federal E-Rate Status.  Gary Nichols said that the next deadline is February 6, 2003.  The appeal of the late-filed 2002 application will be filed shortly.  There was a concern that the previous UNET discounted bills will have to be re-billed for the remainder and that subsequent bills should be for the full amount.


  1. ITA Grants.  Linda Lord provided annual reports from the three recipients and that all are a little behind schedule.  We may want to have representatives attend the April or May board meeting.

    Linda stated that the Fogler Digital Library project was well publicized among libraries and schools and may conduct a statewide publicity campaign.  She will obtain usage statistics for discussion at the next meeting.

    The SAD 9 Adult Education program request for waiver to connect to MSLN was discussed.  DOE will review for certification.


  1. Technological Needs Survey.  Gary Nichols said that 273 were sent out with 133 returned.  He will provide a detailed report at the next meeting.


  1. Leaning Technology Initiative.  Tony Sprague (formerly of the Gov’s office) will take Joanne’s place.  Joanne said that Verizon and GWI in ITC areas would provide the home access.


  1. Other


·        Next MSLN Advisory Board Meeting – March 6, 2003, at 9:30PM, PUC Conf. Room C.