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Teacher Leader Information


MLTI believes teacher leadership is crucial to the successful implementation of technology use in “whole-school capacity building” to increase student and educator learning. MLTI recommends that each school designate a “Lead Teacher” who has the respect and confidence of colleagues and students. The Lead Teacher plays a key role on the school’s MLTI Leadership Team, which includes the Principal/Dean, Assistant Principal/Asst. Dean, Lead Teacher, Technical Lead, and Librarian.


The Lead Teacher:

  • dissemnates MLTI communications to staff;
  • works with the Principal to have other educators/students complete any surveys made available during the school year;
  • ensures staff are aware of scheduled Professional Development events and/or to contact the MLTI Team to request specific trainings;
  • and most importantly to act as a liaison between the school's MLTI Leadership Team and school staff to develop goals for improving teaching and learning with technology during the school year.

In the past, MLTI had funding that supported a stipend for Teacher Leaders. Although MLTI no longer has this extra funding available, we encourage schools to pay a stipend if possible. MLTI has also offered contact hours to Teacher Leaders when stipends were not available. Please check back for updates for 2013-2014.




  • Questions


    Please direct any inquiries regarding to Teacher leaders to Juanita Dickson.