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Registration Information

★ Conference Date: Thursday May 22, 2014


★ Schools may register 40 Students and 8 adults in a 5:1 ratio. With 4 students you may bring 1 adult, with 12 students, you may bring 3 adults, with 34 students, 7 adults, etc.

★ Conference Registration opens early April. This year schools may register 40 students and 8 adults in a 5:1 ratio. There are 800 student registration spots available so don't delay!

★ Conference Location: UMaine - Orono, Maine

★ Conference Cost: $12 per person, which includes t-shirt, materials, morning snacks and a fantastic lunch!

  • Registration fees are at an all time low this year thanks in part to ACTEM. ACTEM understands the importance of this event, and they want to be sure as many students as possible get to be involved.
  • Presenting teams are provided one teacher and two student complimentary registrations per presenting team.

  • Students with artwork selected for the 2104-2015 screensaver will have registration costs waived.

Media Release Form: Please print a copy for each student attending the MLTI Student Conference and send home for parent signature. MLTI needs to receive a copy prior to the conference. Forms can be faxed to us at 1-877-494-MLTI (6584).


Online Registration Form



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If you selected "Other", please enter your school name & MEDMS id here:


Chaperone Information: Please remember that for every 5 students, 1 adult must be present. There are NO exceptions to this rule.


Adult #1* (Adult #1 will receive all correspondence via email)

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Student Names: If at the time of registration you do not have all student names (waiting on returned permission slips, etc), please reserve spots by entering the students as Student 1, Student 2, Student 3, etc. We will need to have a final list of student names by May 7, 2014


Please note: At this time, we will not accept any "adult only" registrations, and require that any adult registration be accompanied by between 1 and 5 student registrations. Should there be space available at the close of the registration period, we will accept "adult only" registrations.


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Payment Information:

Who gets the invoice - your school or district office? Please enter the information for billing below.


All purchase orders & checks must be made out to Treasurer, State of Maine.

Cost: $12.00 per person (Student & Adults)


You must provide a purchase order number for referencing on invoices. However, if you are presenting at the conference, please put the word presenter in place of a purchase order number.


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Please select one of the following options. Those who are presenting will be contacted with their discounted costs.