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Robotics Challenge Strand

2011 MLTI Student Conference


Last year’s Robotics workshops filled quickly. To tap that energy for this year's conference the MLTI has collaborated with Maine Robotics to offer a special Robotics Strand for eight schools. Teams will be accepted until all eight slots are filled**. Any applications to participate received after the first eight will be kept on a waiting list.


Please make sure you qualify before completing the Robotics Challenge Online Application Form.


**Please note: this will not be an entry-level Robotics session; teams are expected to pre-build and accurately program their robots prior to their arrival at this Challenge.



  • Eight experienced Lego Robotics teams will compete in this year’s Challenge.
  • School teams will consist of five students plus one adult. (NOTE: All team members must be registered to attend the MLTI Student Conference.)
  • All team members, students plus adult, should have experience competing in robotics competitions, and be ready to actively contribute to their team’s success.


  • Teams will pre-build their designs according to the published Challenge descriptions and guidelines. Please download the Challenge Descriptions here and get to work! Questions around the Challenges should be directed to MLTI Integration Mentor Dave Small
  • There will be two events in this Challenge:

    • Material Handling, in which a standard 2 inch LEGO ball is received and then passed along to an adjacent robot. Each team will provide one robot for this challenge and all eight robots will be arranged in a rough circle for this event. Therefore, your robots are expected to work together to pass this ball around the circle, from one team’s robot to the adjacent team’s robot.
    • Remote Robot Race, in which two NXT’s are paired via Bluetooth. One NXT will transmit driving commands to a second NXT which navigates the Challenge course as quickly and error-free as possible.


  • We’ll begin the competition during Block 2 at 10:40 AM and continue working through our Lunch time. Box lunches will be delivered to us so that everyone will have plenty of time to compete in these Challenges!
  • We’ll plan to finish by 12:30 so that everyone can get back to the Collins Center for the Block 3 Über Session at 1:00 PM.