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September 19, 2008

The Department is changing the policy for account allocations for the Studywiz online virtual learning environment. Based on feedback from schools and utilization data, accounts allocated to a school will no longer be limited to the number of MLTI devices at the school. Overall, the system will allow approximately 40,000 users. Until the total number of accounts in use exceeds 35,000 users, schools may create accounts for students, teachers, or staff as necessary for successful implementation of the system. This includes generating accounts for high school students or elementary students and staff. This change is effective immediately.

If the total number of active accounts exceeds 35,000 the Department will review growth rates and issue further instructions at that time to schools to ensure that we do not exceed the capacity of the system.

If your school has accounts that are not in use, please delete them. Accounts can be deleted in the MLTI Asset Manager ( or Based on monthly usage reports, the Department may delete inactive accounts if necessary to allow for increases in active use in other schools. Schools will be contact prior to any deletions to ensure that no active accounts are mistakenly deleted.

Electronic mail account ( allocations remain limited to the number of devices deployed to the school. All accounts created at a school that are in excess of the total number of devices deployed will not include an electronic mail account. The system does not support the creation of an email account only. All accounts include one Studywiz user account and backup space on the MLTI servers.


For more information about Studywiz, email, and MLTI Backup accounts, please contact MLTI Project Manager, Steve Vose,, (207) 624-6777.

For technical support with Studywiz, please email or call the MLTI Applecare Help Desk, 1-800-919-2775 account 4MLTI.



Link to Studywiz here.