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MLTI Parent FAQs


1. What do I do when an MacBook appears to need service?

If your Technical Lead is unavailable or if you feel comfortable addressing the issue yourself, please feel free to contact Apple at anytime for assistance. Apple MLTI Help Desk Representatives will help you resolve technical difficulties up to the point at which software installation or hardware repair is required. At that point your Apple Representative will ask you to escalate the unit to your Technical Lead for service as follows:

Deliver the unit to the Technical Lead.

  1. You will need to provide the Technical Lead with your name, contact information, a description of the problem, and a complete list of your passwords.
  2. The Technical Lead will need to know if the you have already contacted Apple. If so, please provide the Technical Lead with the case # assigned by Apple.

2. What information do I need before I call Apple?

Your name.

Your phone number.

Your location (including the name of the school).

The unit’s serial number.

Description of the problem and the steps to reproduce the problem.


3. What are the hours of Operation of the Apple MLTI Help Desk?

Monday – Friday, 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM EST.
Saturday – Sunday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM EST.


4. Where do I call?

Please be sure to inform your Apple MLTI Help Desk Representative that you are calling as part of the Maine MLTI agreement.

MLTI Help Desk: 1-800-919-2775

When prompted enter account number: 4MLTI (46584)


5. What can I expect when I call?

An Apple MLTI Help Desk Representative will be available to answer your questions, assist you in troubleshooting, and, if necessary, refer you to your school’s Technical Lead for assistance in safely returning the unit to Apple for service.

Important: Be sure and write down the case number and, if necessary, provide that number to your school’s Technical Lead for further assistance servicing the unit.


6. If a unit is sent to my Technical Lead, how long will it be before the unit is returned?

Your school’s Technical Lead will attempt to troubleshoot and repair all units as quickly as possible. Some service will require that the unit be returned to Apple. Please see question 7 below for more information.


7. If a unit is returned to Apple, how long will it be before the unit is returned?

Under normal conditions, Apple will return to service the repaired device in approximately 72 hours from the time of pick up by Apple’s authorized carrier. The turn around time can be substantially extended by the following actions: Incorrect or inadequate reporting of damage to the computer. No trouble found (as this requires Apple to check all systems). Availability of next-day shipping to rural areas. Your school’s Technical Lead has access to a limited number of spare computers to check-out to student’s whose units need to be returned to Apple. Your Technical Lead will only issues these units when a student’s unit is being returned to Apple.











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