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MLTI Tech Lead FAQs


How come I can't login to my gmail account and other secure web sites?

How do I request a replacement for a lost, stolen or damaged (intentionally or negligently) MacBook?

Software Application Deletions

Bluetooth is disabled by default

Software Application Additions

Bento MLTI default configurations

iPhoto MLTI default configurations

Software Updates

Password required to wake from sleep

Desktop Background Locked

Custom Screen Saver System Preference Pane

1to1 Backup

Setting the correct time on the system clock

Energy Saver presets can be altered by non-admin users.

MLTI Image version

Printing - non-administrative users can manage printers

Terminal application available to all users.

Quicktime 10 and Quicktime 7 player installed. Streaming handled by Quicktime 10.

Safari Private Browsing is available. Web browser history logging enabled.

NoteShare software default configurations

iTunes MLTI default configurations

iChat disabled for student and parent user accounts

Adobe Shockwave is installed for use with the Firefox web browser.

Dashboard (widgets) application is disabled by default

Adobe Reader is installed, but it is not the default PDF reader for Safari web browser.

How do I do a bulk update in Asset Manager using MEDMS data?

How do I request additonal MacBooks for new teachers/students?

How do I configure a modem as a non-admin user?

Why can't I share a NoteShare notebook?

How do I get help with something in the Asset Manager?

Is there a command line interface to Apple Remote Desktop?

How do I get help with DepotWorks?

How do I transfer a laptop to another school?

Can the teacher login account be given administrative rights?

Should I include comments when I'm transferring a laptop to another school?

Who should I contact if I have questions about my MLTI device? If I need help with an Apple/MLTI related question?

Who do I contact if I don't know an Administrative password?

When I login to the laptop, it takes a very long time. Is this normal?

Can I run Software Updates on the MLTI devices?

What is the minimum character length for email/Studywiz passwords?

I received a Tech News Update email from Apple with lots of great information, but now I can't find it. How can I get another copy?

I'm looking for packages. Where are those kept?










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