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MLTI Round #2 Buyout


Due to the timeframe, all round #2 purchasing will happen live during the webinar. SAUs will be assigned a lottery number (lower is better). See your lottery number here.


The webinar will begin with the SAU assigned the lowest lottery number and continue in the order of the lottery numbers. If an SAU’s representative is not present on the live webinar when their lottery number is called, the MLTI Project team will move on to the next lottery number and the missing SAU will be dropped to the bottom of the lottery number list.

When your lottery is called on the webinar, just let us know which school inventories you wish to purchase. Remeber you must purchase the entire pool available at that school. If multiple SAUs wish to share a pool, the SAU with the lowest lottery number should be on the webinar and ready to place the order.


Please note, there will be NO ROUND #2 SUBMISSION FORM! You must participate in the Round #2 Webinar if you wish to purchase additional devices. Please complete this brief form confirming your participation in the webinar.


Questions related to this process may be directed to



Available Devices as of 5/23/2013 at 1:43pm

Please note we have several schools that we do not have data on (we apologize) - we will update this list as soon as more information is available.


MEDMS School NameCityAsset Count
1036Foxcroft Academy Dover-Foxcroft 2
1172Bath Regional Vocational Center Bath 2
1336Penobscot Community School Penobscot4
1173Beals Elementary School Beals12
1199Bucksport High School Bucksport 13
1245Freeport Middle School Freeport 22
1409Ella Lewis School Ellsworth 23
1278Lamoine Consolidated School Ellsworth 24
1273Jonesport Elementary School Jonesport 37
1231Shead High School Eastport 43
1260Hancock Grammar School Ellsworth 50
1196Brunswick High School Brunswick 52
1207Cape Elizabeth High School Cape Elizabeth 63
1515Gardiner Area High School Gardiner 67
1225Durham Central School Durham 68
1839Mountain View School Ellsworth 75
1847Jonesport-Beals High School Jonesport 79
1545Oxford Hills Middle School South Paris84
1407Memorial Middle School South Portland 128
1244Freeport High School Freeport156
1170Bath Middle School Bath 158
1506Mt Blue Middle School Farmington 168
1235Ellsworth Middle School Ellsworth 171
1185Brewer Middle School Brewer 174
1477Mt View Middle School Thorndike 182
1403Mahoney Middle School South Portland 202
1807Mt Ararat Middle School Topsham 227
1098Thornton Academy Saco235
1206Cape Elizabeth Middle School Cape Elizabeth 303
1195Brunswick Jr High School Brunswick 326
1516Gardiner Regional Middle School Gardiner 350
1507Mt Blue High School Farmington 363
1834Mount Desert Island High School Mount Desert500
1805Mt Ararat High School Topsham 505
1171Morse High School Bath 568
1142Edward Little High School Auburn 797
1750Noble High School North Berwick 877


Round #2 Buyout Links

Questions about this process may be directed to:

MLTI Project Office
(207) 624-6769

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