Notices of Unit Hearings and Elections

After a petition is filed with the Board seeking to establish or alter a bargaining unit, an evidentiary hearing is scheduled to resolve the issue. Notices of these hearings are provided to the employer for posting in the workplace and links to copies of these notices are provided below. Sometimes a hearing is not necessary because the parties come to an agreement on the make up of the bargaining unit.

After an election petition is filed and the election is scheduled, notices of the upcoming election are sent to the employer for posting in the workplace. Links to copies of these election notices are provided below. An election is not necessary if the employer voluntarily recognizes the union as the employees' bargaining agent.

Type of Notice Parties Date of Notice
Notice of Bargaining Agent Election, Election on Dec. 2, 2014 AFSCME Council 93, Bangor Wastewater Treatment Plant October 24, 2014
Notice of Decertification/Bargaining Agent Election, Election on Nov. 21, 2014 AFSCME Council 93, Waldo County Communications Association(WCCA), Waldo County October 15, 2014
Notice of Decertification/Bargaining Agent Election, Election on Nov. 14, 2014, Corrections Unit Teamsters Union Local 340, National Correctional Employees Union, Kennebec County October 6, 2014
Notice of Bargaining Agent Election on Sept. 23, 2014, RSU 45/MSAD 45/Washburn Educational Technicians Unit Maine Education Association and RSU 45 August 27, 2014
Unit Determination Hearing, AOS 93 Educational Specialists for Oct 31, 2013 AOS Educational Specialists Association/MEA and AOS93 September 30, 2013
Unit Determination Hearing, Public Works for October 30, 2013 Teamsters Union Local 340 and Town of Warren October 8, 2013