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The Citizen's Role in Terrorism Prevention and Preparedness

Citizen vigilance plays a vital role in preventing terrorism and other criminal activity. Vigilance does not mean spying. It means noticing what is around you, and recognizing when something is out of the ordinary.

The people who know the most about a neighborhood are the people who live there. The people who know the most about a particular route are those who drive it every day.

Through the MIAC, you can now let authorities know if you notice something out of the ordinary. You can send reports anonymously, or give your name. Either way, your information will be taken seriously, analyzed, and acted on as needed.


To Report Suspicious Activity:

Use our online form or call, 24 hours a day:
877-786-3636 (toll-free throughout New England) / 207-624-7280
TTY: 877-789-0200 (toll-free) / 207-629-5793