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How Can I Report Suspicious Activity?

Citizens may call, write or e-mail the MIAC to share the information of concern to them. Information may also be submitted electronically form below. When submitting information of suspicious activity, consider the following questions:

  • What is happening? What did you observe?
  • When is it happening? When did you observe it?
  • Who is doing it?
  • Where is this taking place?
  • Why does it make you suspicious?

Sometimes, asking yourself these questions helps you realize it is not anything to worry about. But if you still have concerns, please contact us by using our online form or by phone 24 hours a day (the numbers are below).

To report a crime that does not appear to be connected to terrorism, please visit the Maine State Police Report a Crime page.

To Report Suspicious Activity:

Use our online form or call, 24 hours a day:
877-786-3636 (toll-free throughout New England) / 207-624-7280
TTY: 877-789-0200 (toll-free) / 207-629-5793