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About the Maine Information and Analysis Center

The MIAC was created on December 8, 2006 by Governor's Executive Order

The MIAC partners with Federal, state, county, local and tribal law enforcement agencies as well as agencies and entities from the private sector that comprise our State's critical infrastructure and emergency response systems.

The MIAC is a clearinghouse for information and intelligence relative to Maine's homeland security concerns and any terrorist related activity that threatens the citizens of the United States and the State of Maine. The goal is to function as a point of two-way communication amongst all partners.

Information and intelligence that comes in to the MIAC is evaluated and analyzed to determine if there is a potential threat to homeland security, indication of possible terrorist activity or other illegal activiity. Information is then promptly shared with the appropriate law enforcement, critical infrastructure or private sector organization. Our intent is to prevent activity that would threaten the safety and security of Maine's citizens.

For more information about the MIAC, or to comment on this website, please contact us.

To Report Suspicious Activity:

Use our online form or call, 24 hours a day:
877-786-3636 (toll-free throughout New England) / 207-624-7280
TTY: 877-789-0200 (toll-free) / 207-629-5793