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Review Board Schedule

Quarterly meeting of the State Review Board

Date: October 24, 2014, 10:30 AM

Location: The Studio, Maine State Library, 230 State Street, Augusta, Maine

  1. Fisherman’s Island, Boothbay, Lincoln County, 3000 BP-1964 Criterion A: Exploration and Settlement,

  2. Maritime History, Commerce, Entertainment/Recreation Criterion C: Architecture Criterion D: Pre-historic Archaeology, Historic Archaeology Local level of significance

  3. Auburn Commercial Historic District, Auburn, Androscoggin County, c. 1855-1961 Criterion A: Commerce Criterion C: Architecture Local level of significance

  4. F. M. Jordan House, Auburn, Androscoggin County, 1881 – 1903 Criterion B: Francis M. Jordan Criterion C: Architecture Local level of significance