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MPREHIST: Maine Prehistoric Archaeology Reports on File

(From MPREHIST Computer Database)

Current Through November 2007

The information from the MPREHIST computer database is presented here in three PDF files which can be opened and text-searched with Adobe Acrobat. This information is presented primarily for professional archaeologists and students doing advanced research projects.

The majority of the reports listed are file reports. Any item listed with a 4-digit document number is in the Commission’s report files. Items that have been published are listed with their journal name, volume and page numbers, or book publisher. The Commission may or may not have a copy of the publication. Some Master’s and Ph.D. theses are listed that are not in the Commission file report series or otherwise are not in the Commission’s library, and these documents must be obtained at the University repository that holds them.

Access to the file reports is limited by state statute to archaeologists on the Maine Approved Lists, or is at the discretion of the State Historic Preservation Officer and senior staff, with an explanation of the research interest of the applicant.

The three files available here sort the information in three different ways.

  • MPREAUTH file is sorted alphabetically by last name of first author, and secondarily sorted by map quadrangle number.
  • MPREQUAD file is sorted by quadrangle number and secondarily by first author’s last name.
  • MPRESITE file is sorted by site number, and all references or reports that make substantive reference to a specific site should be listed for the given site number.