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Late Archaic: Laurentian Tradition

National Register Eligibility

To be National Register eligible the following criteria for significance based upon a Laurentian Tradition component must be met, except as in paragraph 2.  The component must be separable from other prehistoric artifactual material on the basis of horizontal and/or vertical stratigraphic separation or clustering, and diagnostic lithic tools must be associated with one or more of the following types of data:  1) features, 2) calcined or non-calcined vertebrate faunal remains and/or invertebrate faunal remains, 3) charred plant remains, and/or 4) human biological remains.  The association of Laurentian Tradition material with features may be assumed if the site yields a reasonable density of Laurentian Tradition lithic material separable from other prehistoric material, if the context of preservation is not disturbed extensively, and if features are present and spatially congruent with the Laurentian Tradition component and/or are radiocarbon dated between 6000 B.P. and 4500 B.P. 

Any site with a Laurentian Tradition component that can make an extraordinary contribution to any of the Research Significance Themes is significant.  Moreover, because Laurentian sites are rare, the first site with a demonstrable Laurentian Tradition component in a given management unit (watershed) is significant if it will likely yield a large sample of Laurentian Tradition artifacts.